Review – Chubby Puppies and friends fashion carrier from Spinmaster

Erin has reached the stage where she is enjoying smaller toys which she can easily take with her wherever she goes.  She’s a big animal lover too so when I was asked if she would like to review a Chubby Puppies set, I knew what her response would be so agreed.  When the set arrived last week she was so excited, before she had even opened the box she was squealing with excitement.  The set she was sent was a fashion carrier set with Tuxedo short hair, a cat.

I had to give her a hand to open the box and take Tuxedo and the other items as it was a bit fiddly.  There were none of those horrible plastic ties but the plastic was sellotaped down and was a bit tricky to undo with little fingers.  I was relieved to find that the ties that were used to secure pieces in place were strung which made things easier.  Erin literally snatched Tuxedo from my hands once it was out of the box and cuddled it close saying “she’s so cute!”

chubby puppies

From that point on Erin has carried Tuxedo around with her, she even wanted to take her to school with her and she wasn’t best pleased when I said no!  Each afternoon after school she has made a beeline for Tuxedo and her accessories, she has been hiding them where no one else can find them.  Then she was got her snack and sat on the floor changing Tuxedo’s outfit and making her walk along the floor.  She even lined her dolls up so they could watch her which was amusing, sadly I was told I couldn’t take a photo of her show!

Even Rowan has shown an interest in the set and that hasn’t gone down with Erin as she feels its hers and doesn’t want him messing around with Tuxedo.   She loves the fact that she can make Tuxedo walk by turning on a little switch on her tummy, she is powered by a AAA battery which is included.  I have to admit she was very comical walking across the floor and Pip isn’t too sure what to make of it either.

chubby puppies pics

Erin has already asked if she can have another Chubby Puppy so that Tuxedo has company so I think the set has been a hit with her.  There are three fashion carrier sets in the range along with three playsets and then twenty-four single Chubby Puppies and Friends figures, so lots to collect.  The recommended age for Chubby Puppies is four years old which is perfect for Erin but Rowan at nearly seven would also happily play with them.  So I would say that Chubby Puppies and Friends are suitable for both boys and girls and would certainly be a great toy for animal loving children.

Disclosure: We were sent the Chubby Puppies and Friends Fashion Carrier with Tuxedo short hair for the purpose of this post.  The content of the post is 100% my own.

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  1. Kelly says:

    My little girl would LOVE this set! She loves puppies sooooo much and she carries a soft toy one around in a bag all the time 🙂

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