Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo

Yesterday myself and the younger two decided to visit Folly Farm. So after breakfast we made our way there, it’s about a 40 minute drive from us which means visits there can be spontaneous at times. Despite the weather being overcast and showery we were determined to go and spend… Read more“Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo”

Teaching your children the importance of wildlife

Our eco-system is important for the well-being of the planet – if we didn’t have flora and fauna covering the globe, we would be in trouble. Trees and green plants help keep our atmosphere oxygen rich for us to breathe, while every animal has their place in the food chain…. Read more“Teaching your children the importance of wildlife”

Review – Chubby Puppies and friends fashion carrier from Spinmaster

Erin has reached the stage where she is enjoying smaller toys which she can easily take with her wherever she goes.  She’s a big animal lover too so when I was asked if she would like to review a Chubby Puppies set, I knew what her response would be so… Read more“Review – Chubby Puppies and friends fashion carrier from Spinmaster”

Educational Play the Schleich Way

Since having my own family Play has been a big part of daily life in fact it was prior to that as I’ve always worked with children in one capacity or another.  So I know how important play is for a child.   Play helps children to use their imagination, helps… Read more“Educational Play the Schleich Way”

Review – Enchanted Forest and Friends clothing

Enchanted Forest and Friends is a delightful range of clothes and accessories for children under five.  The husband and wife team behind the range have strived to create clothing that inspires adventures, fun, creativity and learning while getting outdoors.  They have created a range of magical animals that are featured… Read more“Review – Enchanted Forest and Friends clothing”