Review – The Lion Guard Defend the Pride Lands Playset and figures

I’m a big Disney fan and I love the fact my children share this with me.  One of my favourite Disney films is The Lion King so when I found out that there was to be brand new series based on the classic film The Lion King called The Lion Guard, I knew it would be one that the children were going to enjoy.  So when I was asked if we would like to take a look at the Defend the Pride Lands Playset and figures by Flair which accompany the series I quickly agreed.


Along with the Defend the Pride Lands Playset we were sent two blind bags and the Ono’s Look Out Launcher to try out.   The package arrived while the children were at school so I left the items out on the table for them to see when they got home.  The younger two were so excited when they spotted them and abandoned their school bags and coats in the doorway!  okay that isn’t unusual here as they tend to just leave things where they drop most days!  but today was because they wanted to be the first to see the toys before their older brothers.

Erin was quick to ask for the play set to be opened but she was struggling to open the packaging herself so I gave her a hand.  It was a little fiddly to get out but I managed to realise the play set after a couple of minutes.  The Defend the Pride Lands play set has some nifty features in which Erin enjoyed discovering, they are a bone trap, trap door, hidden passages and a pull down vine lift which then retracts by pressing a concealed button in the tree.  I personally love the pull down lift while Erin seemed to favour the trap door, yes before you ask, I did have a little play with the set along with Erin and the boys.   The Defend the Pride Lands Playset retails at £34.99 and I think it’s really a really well made play set, it’s certainly been thoroughly put through its paces, it’s been pushed around, carried around to different locations, knocked over, knocked off tables and played with lots since we received it yet it has still stayed in tact, I’m impressed.   The Playset includes a very cute Simba figure to use with it, unfortunately the children knocked the figure on the floor after they had been playing with it and Pip (our puppy)found it and quickly chewed his tail off (eek poor Simba) but don’t worry it hasn’t put the children off playing with him.


After about forty minutes Erin’s attention turned to the blind bags we had been sent as she wanted to know what was inside them.  The blind bags with mini figures retail at £2.49 which is perfect for pocket money spends and there is also a limited edition figure to be collected too.  I know Erin and the boys love collecting figures from blind bag series.  Erin need me to start opening the bags but once I had opened them slightly she was able to finish opening them herself.  Here are the two figures she had which she quickly added to the play set and went back to playing.

lionguard figures

The third item from the new toy range we were sent was the Ono Lookout launcher.   This provided lots of giggles and fun from all the children, who enjoyed taking it in turns to launch the launcher!  Again you can add Ono to the Defend the Pride Lands Play set to extend play opportunities.  The Ono Lookout launcher retails at £9.99.


I can see these toys been played with a lot over the coming weeks as they have so far proved as popular with my minded children as they have with my own children.   The new range of The Lion Guard toys are available now from all good retailers and you can find out more about the range by visiting

Disclaimer:  We were sent The Lion Guard Toys for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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