Finding new ways to get active

One of my aims this summer was to try and encourage the whole family to get more active.  It’s not that we’re not active but I think we could do better.  Both dad of 3 and myself are trying to lose a bit of weight and tone up too so I thought getting the whole family would be a great idea.

We’re very lucky to have lots of places locally we can can cycle, walk and even run and ideally I would like to find something that would enable us to continue to enjoy these places.  One option I was thinking about was cycling but at present only the older two have bikes so we would have to buy another four bikes for us to do this.  So we wanted to look at other options.  It also got us talking about the activities dad of 3 and I used to do when we were younger.  Dad of 3 played rugby and I used to roller skate with my friends which was so much fun.  Our local leisure centre used to run a weekly session every Saturday for roller skating and you could hire skates for a small fee.  It was really quite a social event and I really enjoying it.  The older two boys were really interested in the idea of roller skating too and asked if they could give it a go.  I realised that roller skating could be a feasible option for us all to enjoy so with the help of Luc and Trystan we’ve been doing some research on how much roller skates cost and also if there is anywhere locally that still holds roller discos.

I was pleasantly surprised that roller skating was still really popular and that you can now buy roller skates quite reasonably.  For example Luc came across this one company where you can buy proline skates I have to say I was transported back to my childhood with all the great patterns and colours.  They have such a great variety to choose from, adults, children’s and even adjustable ones.  My favourites are these Rookie Forever Quad Skates in Rainbow, aren’t they fab.

roller skates

While I think these SFR Hurricane Adjustable Quad Skates would be ideal for the older two boys to get to grips with skating on.

adjustable skatesWe actually have some first skates that the younger two could use which is great.  Now I have to convince dad of 3 to get onboard with the idea.   What’s really strange is that now I have been looking and talking about roller skates we have actually seen several people locally skating while we have been out walking Pip.  It’s funny how that seems to happen isn’t it.

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