Getting a child’s room ready to move into when moving house

When moving house many people will know that unpacking and getting your new house set up and ready to live in can be a time-consuming process – even more so if you have children to look after.

Getting them settled in and comfortable in their new surroundings and what will be their new bedroom, as quickly as possible, can go some way to giving you the time you need to get unpacked and organise your new home.

These tips from can help you get your child’s room ready quickly. This should help keep them happy and give them somewhere to play safely, while you sort out the rest of the house.

Making preparations

Before you move house you can start planning ahead to prepare your kid’s new bedroom. If the previous owners have moved out – making the house empty for a few days before you move in – it might be possible to get access to the house to clean (and even paint) the room before you load up the removals van.

During this time, you could plan the quick fixes and what home improvements you need to take care of in your kid’s room when you move. Things like baby proofing could be worthwhile to complete before you actually move, such as making sure they there are no open plug sockets and sharp edges in the room.

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, so it’s ready for them to move into straight away, try not to overcomplicate things. Painting a wall your child’s favourite colour, for instance, can really help them to get settled into their new surroundings.

A quick paint job in advance can mean, come moving in day, you’re able to fully unpack all the belongings for the room and set everything up, ready for your child to move in. This means they also have somewhere they can go to play right away and can get settled in, without any additional disruption.

Keep things simple and organised

Simplicity should be the order of the day when getting your kid’s room ready after moving house. In all the hustle and bustle of moving properties, you want to get them settled in as quickly and easily as possible.

Keeping everything organised and together is a great way to speed the moving in process. It’s a good idea to keep all your child’s toys, clothes, games and furniture clearly labelled (maybe even colour coded, if you’re feeling extra organised) to make sure these boxes go into the right room. This should mean you’re able to unpack the room quicker.

Consider movable storage

In the name of simplicity, it’s a good idea to think about the way you store your child’s belongings when moving them to your new home. Large drawers or plastic bins can be sealed with a sheet of card and some tape, for instance. This means you don’t have to necessarily empty them to move them. Your child also already knows where their things are as they haven’t been touched. Unpacking them then just involves putting the bin or drawer, for instance, in the room and unsealing the taped card.

This not only saves a tonne of work, but it also means you can almost ‘instantly’ move a child into their room once everything is in place.

If moving a large storage space is going to be difficult (such as a wardrobe stored with toys and games, for example) think about emptying and moving this ahead of your other furniture. Alternatively, if you’ve bought furniture for your new child’s room, such as a flat-pack wardrobe, get access to the house as soon as you can (possibly when you repaint), build the furniture and then fill it up with your kid’s belongings then.

This will mean there’s less for you to shift on moving day and you’ll have somewhere ready to store everything your child needs. This should allow them to spend time in their new room, while you focus on unpacking and sorting out the rest of the house


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