Review – Princess Peppa’s Carriage

Erin has reached the stage where she really enjoys playing with small figures and playsets.  She also loves Princesses at the moment so when we were recently sent Princess Peppa’s Carriage for her she was thrilled.

princess peppa

Although Erin has watched Peppa Pig from time to time she has never shown much interest in the toys in the range but she was so taken with this from the word go.  I knew it would be a hit with one of the little ones I look after as she has always loved Peppa Pig so I told Erin she would have to show her friend the next time she was here.

The Princess Peppa’s Carriage set comprises of Princess Peppa and Sir George articulated figures, a lovely pink and gold carriage and three lovely white horses to pull it.  I have to say the detail on the carriage and figures is suberb.  The Princess Peppa’s Carriage Set costs £29.99 and is available from Smyths Toys The peices are very well made and the perfect size for little hands.  If you have a Peppa Pig fan this is a must have for them.

Erin has spent hours playing with the set and it’s lovely to listen to the converstations she has with Princess Peppa and Sir George.  She has shown her friend and they’ve played together with it but she won’t let her friend play alone with it which is interesting.  Both girls also dressed up as Princesses to play with the set too which was lovely to see.

erin peppa

This play set is a lovely edition to any chids toys even if you have no other Peppa Pig items as can be played with independently or with other items from the Peppa Pig range including the lovely Princess Rose garden and Tower.   I’ve also noticed that Erin is suddenly watching more Peppa Pig than before as well and it has become the first toy she plays with most mornings.  I have even found her asleep in bed with Princess Peppa and Sir George tucked up next to her.  So it seems the Princess Peppa’s Carriage set has Erin’s seal of approval.

Disclaimer:  We were kindly sent the Princess Peppa’s Carriage set for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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