Dulux helps inspire children to help decorate their bedroom with their Kid’s Bedroom Campaign

As the children have all gotten older I have found that decorating their bedrooms can be stressful especially when they change their minds over the theme they want.  However I’ve come to realise that it needn’t be a stressful process at all, the key is to involve your child/ren in the process and let them help from the planning stages to the actual decorating.  I personally have found it quite an enjoyable experience.  So when I recently found out about Dulux’s Kid’s Bedroom Campaign I thought I would share it with you as I think it’s a great way of spending time together with your child, allowing them to be creative and take ownership over their own space while working together to achieve fantastic end results, the bedroom of their dreams.

We’re in the process of trying to get the boys to decide on a theme for their room, we have almost completed Erin’s room which she opted for a Frozen theme.  The boys are a bit harder as the three share a room so the end result has to cater to their individual tastes.  Luckily Dulux have created a Kid’s Bedroom Summer Workbook full of ideas for decorating a brilliant kids bedroom, from help with putting shopping lists together to a schedule for decorating. 

Dulux has partnered with Dr Sam Wass, Child Developmental Psychologist who is known for The Secret Lifes of 4,5 and 6 year olds.  Dr Wass looked into the benefits of involving your child in the decorating process and she found that decorating their bedroom is more important to kids than other popular summer holiday activities such as riding a bike. 

The study of over 2,000 families showed that children also found the experience of decorating with their parents a really positive experience, 65% said they felt happy and 58% felt excited at the prospect of helping mum and dad.  Parents commented that decorating together helped to increase their child’s sense of ownership, pride and opportunity for creative expression. Some parents said it even ensured rooms were tidier, because they wanted to show it off to their friends and family.  The survey also found that parent found decorating together was expected to be a stressful activity, parents admitted afterwards it had actually been a hugely positive experience because it gave them the opportunity to spend quality time with their kids.  (Taken from research carried out by TNS UK, who intereviewed over 2000 individuals who were interviewed for the in-depth qualitative and quantitative research into lifestyle and decorating habits.

Take a look at what happened when Frankie was given the chance to be involved with decorating her bedroom.  You can find the video here I love the end results and Frankie’s reaction when she sees the end result.   A little imagination goes a long way and allows you to be as creative as you want.  Dulux have put together some handy hints, tips for decorating and also some how to guides on some of the popular kid’s bedroom themes.  I love this Superhero themed one, I think the boys would be thrilled with a room like this.


I also like this Storybook themed one. Dulux have even put together some ideas for those that can be a bit picky so they really have all bases covered. 


When it comes to choosing paint for your bedroom project look no further than Dulux Endurance+, it’s 20 times stronger than other emulsion.  You don’t need to worry about sticky fingers on the paint either as they simply wipe off without a trace with Dulux Endurance+, so no need to repaint as your walls will stay looking fresh. 

There’s never been a better time to start a bedroom makeover project with your child/ren so what are you waiting for. 

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  1. Adam Ross says:

    Superhero theme look really great! I can’t imagine a boy who wouldn’t like it.

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