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Over the last few years I have come across several toys from my childhood that have been brought back and revamped for a new generation to enjoy.  One of those is Trolls, you know the cute little Trolls with colourful hair that everyone collected, I had several as did my sister.  So when I discovered that Trolls was being brought to life with a new animated film from DreamWorks this October, I was so excited.  Then I was asked if Erin would like to try out the new Trolls Poppy Style Station From Just Play I agreed, partly because I loved Trolls when I was younger and also because I wanted a styling head when I was younger but never had one, that’s okay isn’t it?

troll box

I have to admit I opened the box when it arrived instead of waiting for Erin to do it, just so I could see if Poppy looked like the Trolls I remembered.  I wasn’t disappointed either and I know that Erin would be thrilled when she saw her.  I was right, when Erin spotted Poppy fifteen minutes later she squealed and asked for the box to be opened so she could have a proper look.  So I took the style station of the box and set her down on the table so that Erin could have a closer look.

troll pics 1

The Poppy Style Station costs £24.99 and is suitable for children aged 4 years plus.  She comes sat on a base which doubles as storage for her comb, five slides and three cute combs which are complete with Troll hair.  Poppy has the trade mark big colourful hair, big ears and adorable face.  Erin wasted no time in getting to work with Poppy’s hair, she spent ages combing Poppy’s hair and placing the slides in different places.  Then when it was time to go to bed that evening she carefully put everything back in the storage tray and out then took Poppy up to her room for the night.   The following morning when I woke up I could hear Erin chatting away to Poppy in her bedroom, which was really sweet.  That’s become part of the routine over the last ten days and Erin has continued to style Poppy’s hair several times a day then take her up to her bedroom at bedtime.  So I think it’s safe to say Poppy’s Style Station has been a hit with Erin, she thoroughly enjoys playing with Poppy’s hair and creating new styles as well as even trying out some new styles on her own hair. 

troll pics 2

Erin has also been asking for more Trolls since she has enjoyed playing with Poppy so much.  There are more items in the range from Just Play including dressing up costumes and wigs and playsets.  All can be played with independently or alongside Poppy’s Style Station, no matter how you play with the Trolls items one thing is for sure the adorable Trolls that we all love from our childhood are back. 

The Poppy Style Station is available from all good stockists including Argos which can be found here

Disclaimer:  We were sent the Poppy Style Station for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own

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