Review – Baby Born Wonderland Princess interactive doll

Over the last couple of months Erin has started to show more interest in dolls especially if they have anything to do with Princesses.  So when she was sent a Baby Born Wonderland Princess a couple of weeks ago, she was over the moon.  She immediately wanted to take care of her and play with her, which was very sweet to see.  Erin literally stood over me while I unpacked the doll.


The Baby Born Wonderland range was launched last year but the Princess Interactive Doll is one of the new products to be added to the range this year.  She is interactive and you can feed her and change her nappy just like a real baby. She comes complete with a bottle, food, bowl, spoon, nappy, potty, shoes, and her princess dress, tiara, necklace and a bracelet.  There is even a bracelet for you to wear as well.  Erin wasted no time putting the bracelet on so she could be like the princess doll.


Erin spent the rest of the day settling her Princess doll in, taking her for walks around the house.  At bedtime that night she carefully tucked the doll up in her bed next to her.  The next morning she got her up, dressed her again and then sat her next to her at the table for breakfast.  She spent the whole day looking after her which was very sweet to watch.  I was even told off in the afternoon for hoovering as her Princess was sleeping!  Unfortunately Erin decided that I wasn’t allowed to take photos of her that first day because she was settling in!  It’s a shame because it was lovely watching Erin fuss over her.  I did however manage to get a few a couple of days later.



I personally love the detail on this doll, she wears a little bracelet and there is even one for your little one to wear too, Erin loved this and put it on as soon as she spotted it.  There is a pair of little shoes included too which complete the gorgeous little Princess outfit and of course a Princess needs a tiara and their own fairy wings.  I love the detail and I feel it adds to the Wonderland theme which is simply enchanting and Erin seems to agree as she has been smitten with her Princess since she arrived. 

The Princess doll is able to actually drink water from her bottle and eat the food you feed her.  There is one pack of food provided and you mix it with a little water before feeding it to her.  You can then if you wish buy further sachets of food from retailers.  Erin was amazed that her Princess could actually eat and drink and spent ages feeding her.  Once feed you can help your Princess go to the toilet by sitting them upright on her potty and press the small button on her tummy and she will go to the toilet.  You are also provided with a nappy to use but Erin has refused to use it so far.  Again once used you can buy further Baby Born nappies from retailers.  Erin has also liked the fact that her Princess doll actually closes her eyes when laid down and if that wasn’t enough you can even bath her.  She can also cry too, all these things I think it adds to the realistic feeling of the doll and it’s certainly added to Erin’s enjoyment of the doll. 


The Baby Born Interactive Princess Doll from Zapf Creations retails at £54.99 and is available from all good retailers.  Yes it may seem a bit expensive for a doll but I actually think it’s very good value for money given all her features.  You can also buy additional clothing items for your doll as well as other items such as an interactive bathtub, baby carrier and of course the other items from the Wonderland theme.  Personally I think the initially cost is an investment as the play value is so much more especially when you add other items.   Then there is the fact that Erin is smitten with her Baby Born Princess doll and I think that is something that won’t change in the near future.

Disclaimer:  We were sent the Baby Born Interactive Princess Doll for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own. 

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