Did you know that you can play the US Lotteries from home?

Like a lot of people we play the lottery from time to time and a couple of time we’ve won £10.  We usually play when there is a big jackpot or a roll over. We’ve been talking recently about whether this is something we want to continue doing or if we may want to try something else. 

I’ve got into the habit of researching online to help me find out more about various things from possible locations for days out, to new products and now lotteries.  I was amazed to discover how many lotteries there are around the world, from the French Lotto, Oz Lotto, US Powerball   and US Megamillons among others I didn’t know about.   Then I came across Lottoland which allows you to play lotteries from all over the world.  So I decided to take a closer look.

Lottoland enables you to play big jackpot lotteries from around the world.  The only difference is that your not buying a ticket for the lottery of your choice you are betting on the outcome of the lottery.  It’s a new way of playing to me but it does mean you can play lotteries you wouldn’t usually be able to play.

I like the fact that you can access so many lotteries in one place, especially the US lotteries which have always intrigued me and Lottoland makes playing easier than you thought.  I think it’s something we will give ago and see how we get on with it and you never know we may even win something!



























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