Introducing Meegos – Series One

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would like to take a look at a new collectable toy called Meegos.  As soon as I read the information I had been sent I knew I had to take the opportunity.  Meegos are extremely cute Fair Trade crocheted pets.  If you follow my Instagram you will know that I started crocheting a few years ago and it’s safe to say it’s become a passion for me. Over the last year I have discovered Amigurumi which is the Japenese art of knitting and crocheting and I have made several myself and it’s Amigurumi which inspired the creation of Meegos.  Plus as soon as I saw the Meegos I knew they would be a big hit with the children. 

So when a package arrived last week with our Meegos in, Erin was very excited to help unbox them and take a look.  In our package we received two dogs and two mini Meegos puppies which come in blind boxes.  As soon as Erin and Rowan saw the dogs we had been sent they claimed them for their own!  Then Erin helped to unbox the mini puppies. 

As you can see from the photos she was thrilled with the Puppies we got.  Again Rowan and Erin proceeded to discuss who would have which puppy!  With ownership decided after heated debate we took a closer look at the Meegos.  We discovered that each Meegos has his/her own name and with the Meegos dogs they have a little collar, as Erin called it (set of labels which are removable) which tells you their name on and inside there is a little information on them.  So for example with Duke, we discovered his favourite food is Pupcorn

Then with Luna we learnt where she lived.  I think these are lovely little touches which add to their cuteness.  There are five different breeds and each one is 5 inches.  Then there are 12 mini Meegos puppies which each come in their blind boxes.  If that wasn’t enough there are also three limited edition families of pups to collect.

Then with the mini puppies, on the side of the box they come in you have a key to help you identify your puppies name.  Once you have your own Meegos you can visit where you can find out more about their personalities and habitats.  You can even build a family tree. 

Since opening our package the Meegos have been a huge hit here, Erin has taken her two with her everywhere over the last week. 

Series 1 – Dogs and Puppies are available from today (Thursday 12th April 2018) from Sainsbury and Debenhams.  Each Meegos costs £12.99 and the Mini Meegos Puppies cost £6.99 which personally I think is amazing value as each Meegos and Mini Meegos is hand crocheted in Bangladesh through a non-profit FairTrade organisation.  So Meegos are making a real difference to over 200 villages, that’s amazing isn’t it.  I’ve already been asked if we can collect them all! 

Series 2 is already been planned for release later this year and will be Wild Animals, so we will be keeping an eye out for them and I’m sure Meegos are going to remain a firm favourite here. 


Disclaimer: We were sent some of series 1 Meegos in exchange for an honest review.  The content of this post is 100% my own.

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