4 Pet-related chores for kids that need to be supervised

The best way to ensure your kids and pets bond is by assigning your children pet-related chores. It gives them a sense of responsibility and they start looking at their animal buddies as family. For your pets, they also form a bond with the child as they feel taken cared of.

This being said, it’s not always a smart idea to delegate random tasks to kids with limited experience. While some tasks seem simple, they have larger implications.

Feeding and Setting out Water

While it’s a good idea to include your child in the primary task of feeding your pet, it’s not a good idea to let go of this task completely. Firstly because feeding time is a very private time for an animal. If your child can’t read the signs correctly, a pet can snap if unknowingly provoked.

Additionally, it’s also important as an adult to keep track of your pets eating habits. Any change in the pattern or the way they eat can be causes for concern. The best way forward is to allow children to measure out the dog food and pour in the water while you keep a watchful eye.

Buying Medications from an Online Pet Pharmacy

Children are adept at many tasks these days, including ordering stuff online. In fact many parents use e-wallets to teach them how to manage money. While it’s a good idea to let them purchase the toys and treats for their fur buddies, stick to buying Lithium antidepressant on your own. Though there are plenty of reputed websites that sell vet-approved pet meds online it’s not a good idea to let your child take those decisions.

Walking the Dog

You can be a parent to the most responsible child and the most disciplined dog, but it’s never a good idea to let them out on their own. This is especially true if your child is a preteen. A dog out on a walk is exposed to multiple stimuli and it’s important for an adult to supervise the walks. It takes a keen sense of understanding and experience to avoid a dog from falling prey to an untoward situation. Have your child accompany you during the walks but take the time and train your child well before letting go of the chore completely.

Administering Pet Meds

This is a tricky chore even for experienced pet parents. One because a lot of pet medications are not palatable, which makes them difficult to administer. It’s also important to do it perfectly to avoid the risk of choking.  Never ever let go of this task for your child to perform since this needs experience, patience, and a few tricks up your sleeves. Involve your child in this chore by asking them to get the medicines or by showing them how it’s done. However, it’s always best for your pet if an experienced adult handles the task of administering tablets and pills.

What pet-related tasks do you let your children perform?

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