Fun in the sun with Mölkky

This morning we were woken by the sun peaking through the edges of the curtains and we knew we had to spend some time in the garden enjoying it.  Over the last few days we’ve been working in the back garden, doing repairs and moving things ready for us to enjoy the garden over the summer.  But today the younger two wanted to play in the front garden and I had the perfect game for them to play, Mölkky. 

The children enjoy playing skittles so I knew when I was asked last week if we wanted to give mölkky a go that it would be great for them to try this popular game from Southern Finland.  Mölkky is a game of skill and chance and is suitable for any age to play.

We decided to set the skittles up at one end of the garden where the lawn is slighly mossy but this helped to steady some of the skittles as the lawn slopes slightly so isn’t completely flat. We did still have a few problems with some of the skittles standing on a slant but decided it wouldn’t matter until the children got to grips with the game.  With that down I explained to Erin and Rowan that they were to take it in turns throwing the mölkky skittle underarm to try and knock over the other skittles with the aim of scoring exactly 50.  If you score over 50 your score is knocked back down to 25.

We spent a good forty minutes playing Mölkky and really enjoyed themselves.  At the end of each turn we headed over to the skittles to add up the score and reset the skittles ready for the next persons turn.

Mölkky is one of Tactic Games most popular games and can be played by players both young and old.  I like the fact that you can play on your own or in teams and also that it helps your math skills when adding up points.  Mölkky is the most popular outdoor game in Nordic countries and it’s creating quite a noise as it’s being introduced to other countries.  In fact since 2004 Annual National Mölkky championships have been held in several countries.

If you would like to give Mölkky a go for yourself you can buy it here the game retails at £20 but it is currently on offer for £15 until the middle of May at Tesco, you can follow the link above to find it.  I am pretty sure we will be getting our set out more over the coming months to enjoy. 


Disclaimer: We were sent Mölkky for the purposes of this post however the content of this post is my own.



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