4 benefits of installing an underground dog fence

While underground dog fences have gained a lot of traction over the past several years, a lot of people still believe that they are not the most ideal for dogs since they pose dangers like electric shock. This is not the case because underground dog fences are safe and have additional benefits associated with them. Read on to see some of these benefits;

Low maintenance

Having an underground dog fence translates to less work and maintenance costs. With a conventional fence, you will be forced to replace and refinish at some point when the fence gets old. Wood may rot due to rain and may also not be able to withstand severe weather conditions. Also, concrete will chip and crack and this means more maintenance costs. On the other hand, an underground fence will withstand different weather conditions since it is secured under the ground. Also, there is no worrying about huge maintenance costs because the only costs you will incur to maintain it is when changing your battery system.


One of the main reason why most people opt for the underground dog fences instead of the traditional fences is because of the flexibility they come with. You can have your underground fence installed anywhere in your backyard. You may have a perfectly grown garden in your backyard that you don’t need your dog to make a mess of. This way, you can have your underground dog fence installed even at the front of your porch or around your garden.

Offers safety

With a conventional fence, wooden perhaps, weak spots may develop at some point. This makes it easy for your canine companion to scratch, bite, and even penetrate through these spots. Also, it is easy for your dog, especially if big, to jump over a traditional fence. This is, however, not the case with the underground dog fence because it is buried deep under the ground where your dog cannot reach. So, you don’t have to worry about your puppy getting stuck in a wooden fence because as long as it has the dog fence collar on, it will not go anywhere outside your backyard perimeter.

It is convenient

While some backyards are perfectly shaped to perfect forms, some are not. Your backyard may be full of trees or even uneven land. This makes it hard to get the conventional fence installed because you need to get the perimeter cleared and evened out first. An underground dog fence is convenient because you can get it installed despite the uneven land or the undefined shape. Also, maybe you have the perfect view of nature from your backyard and a typical traditional fence gets in the way of your scenic view. This is where an underground dog fence comes in, it lets you have your view without any distractions.

Bottom Line

Underground dog fences have multiple benefits tied to them that a lot of people have overlooked. In spite of the bad name the invisible fences have been given over the years, the benefits have clearly overweight them and they are worth trying.

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