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We are lucky to have a wealth of wildlife where we live and as a result we spend alot of time outdoors exploring and watching the wildlife. However at home we have two cats who are semi feral and live outside, now the downside of cats is that they are prone to scarying away the birds that visit the garden. So when we were sent a Window Bird Feeder from My Living World just before half term we were all excited to see if it would mean we could now enjoy the birds.

Because of the cats we had to think carefully about where we were going to put the Window Bird Feeder as we didn’t want the cats having easy access to the birds. With this in mind we decided that maybe somewhere at the front of the house would be best as our cats tend to stay in the back, yes we have visiting cats in our garden but not near the front of the house. So having had a look around the front garden we decided to use the playroom window and position it in a sheltered spot behind a tree where we know birds visit.

With this decided the younger two helped me to set up the window feeder. Erin peeled the protective film off the mirror and helped position it in the body of the feeder, I then slipped the cover on and attached the seed tray and perch. It was really easy and quick to put together and took no more than five minutes. We then added the two suction pads and went out into the front garden to position it.

We then went and added a fat ball and also some dried mealworms to the seed tray. Then we had to wait which for the younger two was the hardest thing as they wanted to see the birds feeding. I had to explain that it can take a number of days for the birds to find the new source of food as we haven’t previously put food out for them. To help show the birds there was food near by we left some dried mealworms on the lawn near by.

The Window Bird feeder has been up for about five days now and altough we have yet to see a bird feeding we know some have visited as yesterday morning when I opened the curtains I noticed the mealworms had gone from the feeder and what looked like little peck marks in the fatball. It’s great news as it means that the feeder has been found so again we’re back to waiting to see if we can watch the birds feeding.

In the meantime we have been looking at the little booklet which contains the instructions for the window bird feeder and reading about the common birds found in gardens such as the House sparrow, Goldfinch, Blue tit and Robin. I’m hoping we will get at least a few of these visiting our feeder.

The Window Bird Feeder costs £14.99 and is available from good stockists including amazon I’m impressed with the quality of the feeder and how easy the feeder was to assemble and install. I would recommend this lovely feeder for families with young children as it will enable them to get a close up view of the birds feeding. We have already said that if ours is successful we will buy another one to put somewhere else in the garden, maybe on a fence next time. I like the fact that you can locate them in different places and are not limited to windows. The set is also a great introduction to garden birds for children and could also work well for nursery/schools.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Window Bird Feeder for the purpsose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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