ScruffaLuvs Rescue Pets Blossom Bunnies, revealing our new Bunny …

It’s no secret that we’re a family of animal lovers, we’ve an assortment of pets from chickens, duck, goldfish to cats and dogs. This is certainly rubbed off on Erin who constantly asked if she can have a new pet (animal toy). She spends hours caring for her animals and playing with them, they come on all our adventures too. Back last year she started talking about Scruffaluv rescue pets having seen a youtube video of one and she quickly decided she had to have one! As this was back in October we were at the stage that anything the children wanted would need to go on their lists for Santa and this was no exception. Erin’s face on Christmas morning was a picture when she unwrapped her very own ScruffaLuv rescue pet and she spent the rest of the day caring for him.

So when I was asked if we would like to recieve one of the new Limited edition ScruffaLuv Blossom Bunny, I jumped at the chance. I decided not to tell Erin it was coming as wanted to capture her surprise.

I’m so glad I did keep quiet too as she was so excited and quickly went to fill a bowl with water so she could reveal her new Blossom Bunny. I wish though that I had taken a video of her unboxing it though as she was squeeling and laughing as she was washing the bunny.

The idea is that you don’t know what your pet is when you first open the box but by washing, drying and then grooming you will reveal your new pet. I love this idea and Erin has certainly bought into it too. As she had already gone through the process at christmas Erin knew she needed a bowl of water and a towel to get the process started.

It took a bit of time to wash the Blossom Bunny to make sure she was washed properly, you can feel a soapy substantance in the fur when washing so you know your new pet is clean when you can’t feel it anymore. Slowly Erin unrolled her bunny to reveal her fully.

Once Erin was happy she was completly washed she squeezed out as much of the access water as possible wrapping her in a towel to start drying her. The drying process can take a while and from experience we knew it was best to lay her on a radiator to dry for a couple of hours, so this is what we did. In fact we left her over night to make sure she was completely dry.

The next morning Erin ran to see if her Bunny was dry and sure enough she was so she set about grooming her with the brush that’s included in the box.

Once happy she was brushed throughly Erin was delighted, she thought her new pet was beautiful and then wanted to check which one she had as the box stated the possible bunnies were called Lemon Drizzle, Posie or Peppermint, Erin had Lemon Drizzle which she thought was a very good name for a Bunny.

Introducing Lemon Drizzle

It’s been a week since Lemon Drizzle was welcomed into our family and it’s been half term here which has meant that Lemon Drizzle has come out on adventures us this week. She’s slept with Erin and her other Scruffaluv and gone everywhere with her. So I think it’s safe to say she’s been welcomed into the family and is here to stay!

I love the concept of Scruffaluvs and they are certainly a big hit with Erin, I have a feeling she will be looking to adopt more in the future too but for now she is looking forward to her adventures with Lemon Drizzle and I will be sharing the pictures over on my social media as they happen.

Scruffaluv Blossom Bunnies are available from all good stockists including amazon and with Easter coming adopting a Blossom Bunny could be the prefect Easter gift.

Disclaimer: We were sent the ScruffaLuv Blossom Bunnie for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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