Creative fun with Strictly Briks

Towards the end of the summer holidays we were kindly sent some Strictly Briks to play with. I wasn’t sure how they would be recieved to start with but I shouldn’t have worried because when I showed the children they immediately wanted to try them out.

We were sent a pack of Strictly Briks Trap and Gap baseplates and a small pack of bricks to enable the childrent to get creative.

I decided to leave them to it so disappeared to make dinner. Usually there is a bit of bickering going on between the children but after half an hour, all I could hear was the children talking quietly to each other about what they were doing. It was lovely to listen to them chatting together and working as a team. They had a few initial problems getting the briks to stick to the baseplates but quickly worked out that they needed to press more firmly. With that figured out the children carried on.

With dinner in the oven I ventured out to see what they were up to, the older two boys had disappeared. When I asked them they said they couldn’t decide on what to make so felt it would be best to let the younger two get on with it and they would have a go another time!

Erin seemed to be enjoying trying out different ways of essembling the base plates and in the end settled on stacking them one on top of another with the trap and gap plates used in the middle. She also decided to higher one side of the plates to create a slope which looked really effective. Sadly she didn’t want me to take a picture of her finished creation and Rowan didn’t want to be in any pictures. So I’m afraid I can’t share their finished creation with you on this occassion.

Over dinner I asked the children for their opinions on the Strictly Briks, they all agreed they thought the idea of having traps and gaps in the baseplates was brillant. It made it easier to create buildings, previously they would have only build single stored building or build stairs around the outside. They also liked the fact the bag of briks we were sent included some transparent briks, again this meant they could be more creative. They again mentioned you need to press firmly on the briks to make them stick to the baseplates but once they realised this it wasn’t a problem. So overall they were really impressed with the Stritly Briks and would happily continue using them.

So I think Strictly Briks have been a hit here and since they arrived several weeks ago they have been regularly played with, especially after school. Strictly Briks are available from Amazon here The pack of baseplates cost £23.99 which I think is reasonable, they are well made and look very durable plus you get four in the set, two solid baseplates and two with gaps and traps in.

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent a pack of Stictly classic trap and gap baseplates and a pack of 156 briks for the purpose of this post. However the content is 100% my own.

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