An Elf For Christmas

For the last four years during the run up to christmas we have welcomed elves into our home to help create some christmas magic. Over the years the children have all loved getting up each morning to see the fun and mischief the elves have been up to while they slept.

I have to admit coming up with ideas for the elves can be a challenge at times so when I found out about An Elf for Christmas I was interested to find out more, would this provide some help. I was kindly sent some products from An Elf for Christmas to try out, I was sent a lovely book called “Elf’s First Adventure”, an Magical Elf Door and An Elf for Christmas Magical Reward kit.

Along with Dad of 3, I had already agreed we would tell the children that if they wanted the elves to arrive this year they would have to put a new door up for them. Previous years the door has magically appeared towards the end of November signally the elves return. But as the children are now that bit older we decided it would be easier to involve them a bit ( it would also help explain the arrival of the package with the Magical Elf Door in it!) So on November 28th after tea I asked the younger two to help me get the elf door ready. Rowan helped me unpack the door and put the battery in (which is supplied) then along with Erin we placed it in the hall near the front door which is where our old door used to appear. There is a sticky bit on the back of the door which when you take the backing off helps the door stick to the wall which is handy. The Magical Elf Door also comes with some additional signs that you can use to replace the ones on the door if you like. Rowan asked if he could turn the light on but I explained the elves would do that when they were ready to arrive. He seemed to accept this and went back to watch tv.

On the night of November 30th just before the younger two went to bed I slipped into the hall and turned the light on the door and went back to hurry them to bed. I watched them hurry up the stairs not noticing the light was on. As we had been sent an Magical Elf Reward Kit and the book I decided the best way to introduce them would be to have the children find them the following morning instead of our other elves (they would appear a couple of days later once our new elf had settled in).

The next morning Rowan and Erin raced down the stairs, from bed I could hear them excitedly saying the light was on the door and then go into the toy room. Seconds later they appeared in our room with the book and the magical reward kit. Climbing into bed with dad of 3 and me we opened the reward kit and looked through it. Both children were excited with their new elf, Rowan thought it was great that he had brought letters for santa for them to write and good behaviour rewards. The kit also contains little cards with messages from the elf which I had taken out without then seeing so I could use them at a later date, there are also some Reward charts and stickers which both Erin and Rowan wanted to start using straight away. Again I introduced these in a different way to I may have done previously due to their age.

The children then went off to show the older boys their new elf, it didn’t take long for them to realise their other elves hadn’t arrived yet and to come running back to tell us. I reassured them that they would probably arrive in the next couple of days but that in the mean time they had to behave and enjoy their new elf.

Just before bed that night I walked into the sitting room to find Erin reading the Elf’s first Adventure to the elf. I sat next to her and listened to her reading the story. When she’d finished she told me what had happened in it, gave me a hug and told me she loved the new elf.

The elf has been with us for ten days now and six days ago our other elves appeared as I thought they would! The children have been enjoying the magic and mischief so far. I have used the reports and good behaviour awards that are in the kit and they were a hit. The kit has so far been a help with the elf fun, it’s meant I have not had to find time to make my own rewards or behaviour charts like I have done previously and that has been a great help and I will continue to use them on the run up to Christmas.

If you would like to find out more about An Elf for Christmas you can do so by visiting their website they have a great range of products to help you create some christmas magic from 12 days of Advent Letters, pyjamas for your little ones to the Elf Reward Kit and Magical Elf Door and book I was kindly sent. The Magical Elf door is currently on offer for £15.99 which is a great price and well worth the money. The Magical Reward Kit is currently £19.99 and includes your very own elf as well as the behaviour charts, stickers, letters to santa and good behaviour certificates, I think this is well worth the money and the Elf’s first Adventure story costs £4.79. If that wasn’t enough reason to pop over to the website they also have a section with elf ideas to help you with your elf fun. Don’t worry you haven’t left it too late to have an elf visit you so what are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: We were sent the products for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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