Escape Room The Game

Over the last couple of years escape rooms have been appearing around the country. They are cooperative themed group puzzle challenges that can bring an element of fun and competitiveness to solving problems against the clock.

Last week we were sent Escape Room The Game which brings all the fun of escape rooms to your living room. Escape Room the Game is for 3 to 5 people and suitable for 16 years plus. The game comes complete with a chrono decoder, sixteen keys and three different escape room adventures, each with increasing difficulty. Each scenario comes a back story, hint cards and props. Together you must work against the clock deciphering the puzzles to work out the codes, using the keys to enter the codes into the chrono decoder which audiably alerts you to if you have succeeded or failed. The chrono decoder also alerts you at varies intervals to use your hints if you wish. To add to the fun there is a free downloadable app which can play background music to add to the atmosphere.

On Sunday evening after dinner we decided to pit our wits against the Escape Room The Game. As Luc is not quite 16 yet and Trystan is only 13 we decided to let them pair up and play with myself and dad of 3. Having read the instructions we knew we had to start with game one Prison Break. With the back story read out loud by yours truely we started the chrono decoder and quickly opened the first part of the scenario. I was very aware of the chrono decoder counting down in the background while we tried to take everything in that we needed to do. We quickly realised we would have to work together if we were to solve the clues within the time limit and we had to keep reminding ourselves of this as it proved easy to get lost trying to independently solve clues. We also realised that we needed the hints to start with but towards the end we were okay without. However it was nice to know they were there if needed. I always knew dad of 3 and Trystan were the more competitive within our family and this certainly showed during the time we were playing. There were times when I had to remind them to work as a team and let Luc and I know what they were doing as we were lost!

With part one solved we moved on to part two and checking the time realised we would have to speed things up which really did add to the pressure we were already feeling! We solved part two with twelve minutes left on the chrono decoder and at this point we really didn’t think we would beat the clock but we decided to keep going. I really don’t know how we managed it but with 1 minute and 55 seconds we did it. The immediate response was thank goodness! it was both intense and fun and despite the bickering that went on at times (mainly caused by frustration) we enjoyed the game. It was something different and the older two boys enjoyed having something they could do with myself and their dad without the younger two. The two boys and myself are looking forward to the next game now and Trystan is already asking if we can visit an Escape Room too. Dad of 3 declared he wasn’t playing again because he got fed up with Trystan telling him he was wrong! I’m sure when it comes to it he’ll join in again.

The Escape Room The Game from Golaith Games is available to buy at Amazon and at £29.99 I think it is good value for money given that you recieve three different scenarios which will provide three hours of fun.

Disclaimer: We were sent Escape Room the Game for the purpose of this post. All content is 100% my own.

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