10 Benefits of Healthy Sunlight Exposure

Summertime is a blissful time of the year. Many are tempted to shy away from the intense rays, but as we all know: sunshine can turn a bad day around! Sunshine is not something to be afraid of! In fact, sunlight exposure has several benefits, from treating skin conditions to improving your sour mood. 

Yes, the rays can damage your skin, but you can bask in the sunlight as long as you desire with adequate protection. You must already be aware of the basic safety precautions such as a broad-spectrum sunscreen – that you should reapply and retouch every 2 hours. Additionally, keep some deodorant close to you in case you feel icky because of the sweat

Here are 10 benefits that a healthy dose of sunshine can contribute to your lifestyle:

Serotonin Development

The sunlight in our life has crazy importance. It affects us positively on our physical health and also ensures our mental wellbeing. As we are exposed to sunlight, a hormone called serotonin is released, which is why our mind manages to remain calm in the toughest of times. Along with that, it also prevents the occurrence of a severe depression called SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This horrific disorder occurs due to a drop in serotonin levels. Well, you can get in a lot of trouble if you don’t give yourself enough sunlight exposure. The smaller the exposure to sunlight, the more significant risks for encountering SAD. That’s the reason you often encounter it in winter.

Helps you sleep

If you’re having a hard time sleeping, this might be just the answer to your question. Your body produces another type of hormone called melatonin that improves sleep-wake cycles. If you lay down in the morning sunshine for just about an hour, your body will just know how to stabilise your melatonin levels. So if you get a good night’s sleep, that means you are getting the right amount of sunlight.

Stronger Bones

We have always heard calcium is one of the essential components of our body. Well, of course, it is, but did you know vitamin D is just as crucial in developing stronger bones. It is developed by our skin with the help of sunlight. Sunlight produces a lot of vitamin D and, by a lot, we mean a pretty ridiculous amount. Kids can encounter bone damaging diseases due to less sun exposure. But, enough exposure to sunlight can prevent kids from catching these diseases.

Cancer prevention

Although sunlight can cause skin cancer, you can just hit the jackpot if you get the right amount. It will protect you from various types of very dangerous and life taking cancers:

Hence, if you are spending some time in the outside environment daily and enjoying the sunlight, you really are in the green zone of your life.

Healing skin

If you are suffering from some skin condition, let go of your worries because WHO has approved the morning sunshine to be the cure for them. UV radiation released by sunlight is said to cure skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne etc

Treatment for additional conditions

Although it requires some more research to ensure if sunlight could cure these health conditions, there is still a chance that sunlight could be the saviour of those suffering from these conditions. The conditions include inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis etc

Stress reduction

Life always brings good days and bad days for you. There always comes a time when you face stress, depression, anxiety etc. Whatever you are going through, just don’t forget to my-depression-treatment.com. The melatonin in your body – produced by sunlight exposure – also helps you in your sleep and reduces your stress levels by a considerable degree.

Weight loss

Sunlight is said to be somehow connected to weight loss. So taking a stroll at noon or 8 am will be the right time for the trigger for your weight loss. Of course, it comes along with some other factors, but a relationship still exists between sunlight and weight loss.

Strengthening immune system

We know that our immune system is the primary source of our survival. We have to keep it nice and strong to fight against various diseases and stay healthy. Sunlight also helps us in strengthening our immune system.

Chances of a longer life

Almost everyone strongly wishes to enjoy a longer life and to be with their loved ones. Sunlight can be your ticket. It has been said to provide a longer lifeline. This proves that you get to enjoy added years due to exposure to sunlight as a bonus.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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