Cats Vs Pickles are now available at B&M

E has been a fan of Cats Vs Pickles since she was kindly sent some just over a year ago. Since then she has added to her collection. So when we recieved a surprise package a couple of weeks ago E was thrilled to discover it contained Cats Vs Pickles aling with the new collectors guide for 2021. Not only that but we learnt that Cats Vs Pickles are now available at B&M.

We decided to head up to our local B&M in search of them as E was so excited. We managed to find a couple of them in the toy aisle and since then E has asked constantly if we can go and see which ones they have there! I did give in after two visits where we had to leave empty handed as they hadn’t arrived yet. So when we returned a third time I bought her a couple more for her collection. At £4.99 each they really are a bargain.

E has been studying the collectors guide closely to see which ones she still needs to get but she’s making good progress so far. Her new ones are Galacitcat, Rainbow Meow, Sylvester, Frances and Zombiecat. Did you know that there is a UK Official CVP Group? why not pop over and check it out here

I have to admit even I’m a fan of this cute plushies and am defiantly a Team Cat. E is torn between Team Cat and Team Pickle at the moment. Which team are you? Team Cat or Team Pickle? Which ever you are you will love the new collection, so why not have a look for them next time your in your local B&M store.


We were challenged to see if we could find Cats Vs Pickles in our local B&M store but the content of this post is 100% my own.

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