Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator

At the same time I was sent the Baby Nose-clear Room Vapour I was also sent the Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator.  However it has taken a little more time to get to grips with the Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator.  This was mainly due to a fidgety toddler though.  I can see having used the nasal aspirator that it is ideal for younger children as they are easier to hold while using it.  I like the fact that the nasal aspirator is available on prescription which is a great help for parents.  I was sent the new Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator that comes in a handy carry case which retails at £8.49.  
The first time I tried to use it Rowan was a bit taken aback by the nasal aspirator I think he must have been thinking, “what is she doing now!” and he tried to grasp it several times.  So I gave up. A few days later I decided to attempt to use the nasal aspirator again.  This time Rowan allowed me to use the aspirator to clear one nostril but got a bit fed up and wanted to play instead.  If Rowan were a bit younger it would have been easy to use the nasal aspirator but at present he is not fussed on it.  I have however shown it to a couple of friends with younger babies and explained if they ask their doctor they can get it on prescription.  I found it easy to clean after using it and the carry case meant it could be stored easily.

The Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator can be used from birth.  The information I had with the Nasal Aspirator says
when mucus is runny and tacky the aspirator will suck it right out.  But if the mucus is dry and crusty we do no recommend using a little saline in the nose.  Once this has moistened the mucus you can use the nasal aspirator to clear the nose.”  
The information from 4 little 1 also provides the following information:
“Only use the aspirator when the mucus is visible as the base of the nostril.  Target the mucus with the aspirator.  
Use the aspirator before a feed and as part of the bedtime routine.
The suction is deliberately designed to be gentle but sufficient enough to do the Job safely.
Hold the mouthpiece between your teeth if necessary to leave your hands free to comfort and secure your baby.
The while aspirator can be easily opened to wash in warm soapy water, including the reusable filter.  You only need to sterilize if using between babies.  It Can be sterilized using your preferred method and to manufacturers guidelines.  
Please ensure that the filter is bone dry before using again as tiny water particles can block the precision holes in the filter.”

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1 thought on “Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator

  1. nikki says:

    hello, found you through the under 5’s group on bmb. following on twitter too 🙂

    i was going to buy one of these when my babes were a few weeks old, they were constantly snuffly. but didnt know if they would work, now i know for next time!
    nikki xo

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