Ambrosia Snacks

Both Trystan and Rowan love fruit, as snacks and as part of a meal.  So they were really excited when a package arrived containing Ambrosia Snacks.  Inside was a box of five bags of Ambrosia Custard coated Banana flakes and a box of five bags of Ambrosia Custard coated Apple flakes.  The older two boys take a snack to school daily for the afternoons and Trystan’s couldn’t wait to take a pack of the Ambrosia banana flakes to school.  

The following day when I collected Trystan from school he came running out to me and told me he loved the banana flakes and asking if he could have another bag when he got home.  I suggested he shared a bag of the Ambrosia Apple flakes with Rowan when we got home.  Trystan was keen to do this, so when we had a snack he shared a packet of the apple flakes with his brother.  Although Trystan did eat the ambrosia custard apple flakes he said he did not like them as much as the banana ones.  

Within a couple of days both boxes had been eaten by Rowan and Trystan.  They certainly seemed to enjoy them.  I regularly buy another fruit flake brand for the boys and the children I care for so it was a nice change to try a variation of fruit flakes.  As well as sending them to school for snack time, we have taken some in my handbag for emergencies.  

The Ambrosia Snacks come in bags of 20g making them a handy size for lunchboxes, snacks etc.  They retail from £1.89 for a box of five bags from Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s.  Unfortunately we do not currently have either of these stores locally but sometime in the next year we will be having a Sainsbury’s. So I will defiantly be keeping an eye out for these then.  I think it would be great if the Ambrosia Snacks could be stocked in a wider range of stores, as this would make them more accessible for all.  


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