Choconchoc – Chocolate Four Pigs

Recently we were sent these lovely four little chocolate pigs by Choconchoc.  These delightful chocolates are made from finest quality Belgium Chocolate and then handcrafted.  I really didn’t want to let the boys eat them to start with as they looked so lovely but I quickly gave into the boys nagging and let them eat them.  They were a resounding hit with my six year old and two year old.  It was quite funny to watch my eldest Luc savoring his pig and then he asked if he could have another.  Bless him he wasn’t happy when I explained there was only four in the box, one each for him and his brothers and then one for me! I also really enjoyed my little pig.  Sometimes white chocolate can be too rich but this was delicious, I could have easily eaten a few more.  So thank you Choconchoc for our little chocolate treat we really enjoyed them.

I had a look at Choconchoc website to see what else they had for offer.  There certainly have a wide range from other novelty chocolates like chocolate plasters, shoes and handbags to gift boxes with chocolate animals, first aid kit.  They really have been inventive and made some fun chocolate shaped treats.  The four little Pigs we received retail at £6.95.  Choconchoc offer a variety of delivery costs from free delivery on orders over £35 to international delivery for £9.99.  
Choconchoc is a family business established six years ago in Somerset by a father and daughter who wanted to work together.  They have put together a delightful range that is sure to put a smile on your face and would make a lovely gift for someone or a treat for yourself.  

If you would like to have a look at Choconchoc’s delightful range please visit

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