Aquafresh Ultimate toothpaste

Some of you will have read my recent post on A question of Teeth! so will know we have been ruled by teeth here for a while now in one way or another.  So when I was given the opportunity to review Aquafresh Ultimate Toothpaste I jumped at the chance.  
Aquafresh Ultimate Toothpaste claims to protect 30% if your tooth above the gum line and 70% below the gum line that you can’t see.   As a mum I thought this had to be a good thing especially for children’s teeth.  I know that it’s important to en stall a good oral hygiene routine in the boys but enforcing this is often easier said than done when your running late or they are tired.  So even if they have only brushed their teeth once a day, knowing that they have used a toothpaste that care’s for their whole tooth is reassuring.  

The information I was sent with Aquafresh Ultimate Toothpaste states “that it has a unique antimicrobial formula that kills bacteria and controls dental plaque to help keep the gum seal tight.  The tight and healthy gum seals then provides a natural barrier to the root of the tooth protecting the vulnerable section below the gum while fluoride helps strengthen the tooth above”.  

We used the toothpaste for a period of two weeks and I have to say that it cleaned our teeth very effectively.  It has a lovely  spearmint flavour which freshens your breath well.  The older two boys enjoyed using the toothpaste as well.  The only thing that I personally was not keen on was the aftertaste the toothpaste left, I found it a little too strong.  But that’s quite a personal thing to me and the rest of the family liked the aftertaste.  So far I am happy that the Aquafresh Ultimate toothpaste is caring for the families oral health, especially in the case of the Luc who is in the process of loosing his baby teeth.  I was pleased to learn that Aquafresh Ultimate toothpaste is also available in whitening as well.  I have to admit that as a tea drinker I tend to buy whitening toothpaste for myself.  I will be looking out for the whitening version in the supermarket.

Aquafresh Ultimate Toothpaste and Aquafresh Ultimate Whitening Toothpaste retails at £1.79 and is available from all major chemists and supermarkets from July 2011.

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