The Land of Me

Over the last two weeks the boys have been lucky enough to be able to try “The Land of Me”.  All of the boys have been fascinated by it however it has been Trystan who has used it the most.  “The land of Me” is a new digital story telling platform which has been launched my Ladybird.  “The land of Me” is like a digital storybook which follows three lovable characters which children can easily identify with, there is Buddy Boo the Bear, Willow the Owl and Eric the Raccoon.  It is aimed at children aged 2 to 6 years old and allows them to interact with the chapters.  There are six chapters, Shape, Size and Colour, the Outside World, Making Things, Rhymes and Dance, Songs and Rhymes, Story time.  Each chapter enables the child to interact with the characters and create dances, songs, stories as well as other things.  

The graphics’s are colourful and eye catching and the character’s provide a fantastic way for children to develop their reading and creativity skills by giving them control of the direction of the chapters.  There are also some lovely download ables that can be printed off, including masks and puzzles so play can be extended.  
Trystan has certainly enjoyed “The Land of Me” and Rowan has been  
enthralled watching his brother making the character’s do different things.  Trystan has come home most days and asked if he can play on “The Land of Me”, which is great and I hope it continues and as Rowan becomes more able he will join in.  I am also planning to use it with the children I care for too.  When asked why he liked “The Land of Me”, Trystan simply said “because I can do different things and I like Eric”.  I’ve enjoyed sitting with Trystan while he uses “The Land of Me” and have enjoyed watching him experiment with different ideas.  The character’s really bring the chapters to life and you can’t help but enjoy watching them.

I can see from the website The Land of Me also have activity books available retailing at £6.95 each.  The Land of Me is available to buy starting at £29.95 for a family copy.  Available for Mac or PC either by download, all six chapters for £29.95 or it can be sent by post.  Alternatively you can download the individual chapters for £6.95 each.  Currently if you visit their websiteThe Land of Me you can trail the land of me for seven days free of charge. 

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