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Now I am one of the first to admit to not taking care of my skin as just don’t have the time I used to.  But with my 33rd birthday approaching soon and having been nagged by my sister to take more care of my skin, I decided I had better start a skin care regime.   Since the arrival of my son’s I am guilty of using baby wipes and the occasional cotton wool ball and baby lotion.  I was so pleased when I was offered the chance to review some Organic Orange Blossom Toner by Lulu and Boo.  

When the package arrived a few days later the first thing I did was unscrew the cap and had a smell! It smelt so nice, a lovely orange scent which of course you would expect from an orange blossom product!   The information on the Organic Orange Blossom Toner which I have taken the website says “It is suitable for normal and combination skin.  A beautiful fragrant toner.  Tones and balances oily and dry areas of the face.  The Orange Blossom Floral Water clarifies and tones, while Mandarin Floral Water treats congestion and tightens pores“.

So that night I set about cleansing my face and neck before using the Organic Orange Blossom Toner.  I had been given instruction’s for use by Lulu and Boo; Soak a cotton wool ball and apply gently to skin.  Follow with moisturiser or serum.  Following the toner I used a moisturiser as directed.  I have to say that I could feel the difference in my skin almost immediately, it felt so hydrated and soft.  I have continued to use the Organic Orange Blossom Toner ever since and I’m convinced that by spending an extra five minutes or so every day looking after my skin is well worth it.  I only wish I had started a skin regime sooner but I guess it is better late than never as they say.   I love the fragrance of the Organic Orange Blossom Toner so at a Christening I attended over the weekend I used it as a body spray instead of my usual perfume.  In the heat of the church it was lovely and refreshing.  I have also been told it can be sprayed on hair as well.  I think at £12.75 that makes it very good value for money considering it can be used as a toner and hair and body spray.  I have spent some time looking through Lulu and Boo’s website and there are son many lovely products I’m going to have a hard time deciding which to try next.
Lulu and Boo Organics is an award winning organic skin care company based in Cardiff.  They offer a wide range of luxurious skin, body products as well as products for mums to be and babies.   All their products are specially formulated with the finest certified organic essential oils and active plant extracts.  The majority of Lulu and Boo’s range has been certified Organic by the Soil Association and is also registered as Vegan with the Vegan Society.  If you would like further information on the lovely products from Lulu and Boo please visit their website  Additionally you can follow Lulu and Boo on facebook at and twitter


2 thoughts on “Lulu and Boo Organic Orange Blossom Toner

  1. I love orange blossom. This sounds delicious, without a stinging price tag.

  2. welshmumof3 says:

    It is delicious and such a great price 🙂

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