Totcars Luxury Ferrari Girls Bicycle Giveaway

This week I’ve started thinking about Christmas and gifts for the children.  The older they get,  the harder I find it to find the perfect gift, and with being due to return to work at the end of October I thought it would be a good idea to make a start now.  Although I know there are some super organised people out there who will already have almost finished their Christmas shopping.  
I think I struggle more with gifts for Rowan, I certainly did for his birthday a few weeks ago.  He’s batman mad at present but I have found it hard to find things Batman themed that are suitable for his age.  So while looking on the Internet I came across Totcars they have a fantastic range of ride on vehicles for children of all ages and outdoor toys.  From pedal cars, tractors, electric vehicles and quad bikes.  Their ranges include vehicles from names such as John Deere, Ferrari and Disney.  To my delight they had Batman themed vehicles, I couldn’t wait to show Dad of 3 when he came home.  Having showed Dad of 3 the vehicles he was in agreement that Rowan would love a batmobile for Christmas.  Each of Totcars comes with a drivers pack which includes a replica driving license, registration certificate and license plate stickers so you can personalise your vehicle, now how great is that.  Additionally Totcars offer a free 24 hour delivery service on all licensed vehicles and also have two years warranty on all licensed vehicles giving you that extra peace of mind.  
A couple of days after I had discovered their website they coincidentally started following me on twitter.  I was over the moon and decided to get in touch with them to tell them that we loved their products and are hoping to purchase one for our youngest son for Christmas.
Totcars have very generously offered my a fantastic giveaway prize for one of you very lucky people…..   A Ferrari Luxury Girls Bicycle.  
This gorgeous girl’s bicyle is made in Milan and designed by Ferrari.  It is suitable for girls aged 8 years plus, comes fully assembled with 20″ hi-tech aluminium frame, V-brakes, hand stitched grips and a custom white pearl finish.  This product brings together the best in Italian manufacture and subtle Ferrari styling.  The ultimate gift for girls this Summer (taken from totcars press release)
The bicycle has an reccommended retail price of £399 and there are very limited numbers of this bicycle availble in the UK. 
To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize all you have to do is the following:
A huge congratulations to Helen who has been randomly selected as the winner.  I have sent you an email Helen please repond within 48 hours or another winner will be selected.


179 thoughts on “Totcars Luxury Ferrari Girls Bicycle Giveaway

  1. Sarahmumof3 says:

    ohh wow thats a fantastic prize – Chloe is desperate for a new bike since My youngest got one for his birthday in May

  2. Amazing prize! We would choose the Disney Minnie Mouse car!

  3. I love the Injusa 6V Blade Trimoto Trike – would be perfect for my little man!

  4. Pippa W says:

    If only they were adult sized! I’d have to go for a Lilac Betty Pocket Mod for my Nieces, I’d be adored ROFL.

  5. mummy24 says:

    i love the Porsche 911 Pedal Car

  6. Carolina says:

    Porsche 356 6V Electric – Custom White (Porsche 60th Anniversary Model) is lovely.

  7. Favourite HAS to be the Ferrari F1 12V – its so cool!!

  8. mandy says:

    Disney Minnie Mouse Car

  9. sista-t says:

    Love the lighting McQueen car it’s awesome x

  10. Tanya Cameron says:

    The Barbie Evo 2 – I could just see my little princess speeding around in that! x

  11. Just clickd over there and Lara got all excited about the Minnie Mouse car, so that I guess!!

  12. Chrissie says:

    Would love the green ride on tractor. I grew up on a farm and my dad is still a farmer.

  13. Kelly says:

    Mercedes 500 SL 09 6V electric looks amazing 🙂

  14. Mummybird says:

    I love the ride on cars, but I have to say that bike is beautiful. My daughter would absolutely love it. Its so girly. Great comp

  15. Has to be Ferrari Enzo 12V electric as Ethan would love it & Daddy!

  16. Ness says:

    I love the Barbie Car, what more could a girl want?

  17. I would love the Injusa 6V Hello Kitty Trimoto Trike for my little girls first birthday! 🙂

  18. Wow what an awesome comp and without a doubt the only Ferrari that is ever likely to be parked in my garage!!

    There are some gorgeous cars on the website but my favourite is the Injusa 6V Pink Scooter Duo – love it!

  19. Hotrod mum says:

    I love Lamborghini Murcielago 6V LP560

  20. Mama G says:

    The Caterpillar Dumper Kid 🙂

  21. Esther James says:

    I love the Green Tractor!

  22. Alison M says:

    My daughter would love the Mercedes 500 to zip about in!
    (love the bike tho…special prize for a special little lady)
    Good luck everyone

  23. I like the Lilac Betty Pocket Mod

  24. Injusa 12V Hello Kitty 2 Seater Jeep

  25. elizabeth barker says:

    Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane is my favourite. Very cute and girly.

  26. Caterpillar Tractor! Shaun is obsessed with Tractors. We are lucky living in South West Wales as we see them daily.

  27. Keilia Whittle says:

    I love the Injusa 6V Hello Kitty Trimoto Trike
    , Perfect for any princess 🙂

  28. The Injusa 12V Hello Kitty 2 Seater Jeep would make my wonderful niece very happy and make me her favourite Aunty!

  29. Mrs Rachel Heap says:

    The porshe electric car looks fab

  30. Mrs Voucher says:

    I love the pink two-wheeled electric scooter. My daughter would love this.

  31. visioneer says:

    Morning, “Batman pedal car”, at £98 reasonable priced, actually, a bargain
    And now the suns out, can you forget xmas, please

  32. relisys222 says: I love this scooter and I`m sure my daughter would love whizzing around on it too xx


  33. hobbisl38 says:

    Has to be the Batman pedal car but there’s a great selection here.

  34. v82chris says:

    Wow, I love the Ferrari F1 12V electric
    Formula 1 car >

    Its Amazing x


  35.—limited-edition My husband would drool over this and never let my nephews have a go! @01592_katie

  36. love this my son would be in his hey day whizzing around in this!

  37. Porsche 911 pedal car for me! Its lovely!

  38. Isis1981uk says:

    I love the Silver Pursuit Pedal Plane

  39. The porsh peddle car is fab x

  40. tinatwo1961 says:

    pink electric scooter

  41. krnries says:

    I love the Red Junior Sky King Trike

  42. cachexia says:

    Black vapour scooter is amazing (I want it) think my daughter would love the bike though

    1. Don Sutton says:

      The Porsche petal car is amazing

  43. Lin sutton says:

    I love the pink scooter.

  44. hannahmdy says:

    Ooh I love the Batman pedal car and Batman electric car – they look such fun 🙂

  45. Sarahmumof3 says:

    am loving the Injusa mega quad think my youngest would adore that!

  46. I like the Disney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse 6v – Pink

  47. Carolin says:

    This one is just awesome!!
    I used to share a real quad with my brother and miss it a lot! 🙁

  48. I love the Disney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse pedal – Pink. Do you think they have one for mummy too?


  49. I love the red junior sky king trike

  50. buchanl says:

    has to be the Disney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse pedal – Pink

  51. missmamo says:

    I love this Peg Perego 24V Gaucho SuperPower Jeep. It’s cooler than some of the real cars on Miami beach!

  52. Bloggomy says:

    The Batman electric car is fantastic! @Bobbity666

  53. What a classy bike!!!

  54. Jon Bird says:

    Porsche 356 6V Electric its amazing

  55. I’ll have to say the tractor, as Monkey Dad is from Devon! 😉

  56. Wow, what an amazing site! I could spend a fortune there!! My favourite (for my girls!!) would have to be the Hello Kitty 2 Seater Jeep x

  57. becky004 says:

    Injusa 12V Phantom Racer Jeep

  58. cnelson says:

    The tractor because my son loves them!

  59. I love the Batman pedal car shown here

    This is very cool!

  60. Ruth Davies says:

    The Lilac Betty Pocket Mod. Super cool!

  61. laura banks says:

    love the Injusa 12V Phantom Racer Jeep

  62. Joanne Wright says:

    The Porsche 911 Pedal Car is fantastic!!

  63. Joanne Armitage says:

    My little girl’s the sweetest thing
    she really couldn’t get any cuter
    but she would look ace
    with a smile on her face
    atop an Injusa 6v pink scooter

  64. Spotted Page says:

    Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse pedal car

  65. Donna Lawton says:

    My favourite (or should I say Charlottes!) is the Minnie Mouse one.—pink

  66. bridgegal says:

    Lilac Betty Pocket Mod – so cool!

  67. Meryl Rees says:

    The black Mini Cooper is very cool but I also like the Lightning McQueen baby car 🙂

  68. The Porsche 356 pedal car is very stylish, when I was little you got a tricycle or plastic tractor!

  69. Article Guru says:

    Loving the E100 Pink Electric Scooter xx

  70. Elizabeth Williams says:

    The lightning mcqueen car is very cute

  71. Sarah Spencer says:

    Peg Perego 24V Gaucho SuperPower Jeep

  72. pinkcherry says:

    oh wow this bike is brilliant fab giveaway xx
    other than the bike i love Ferrari 6V 250 GTO Classic – Limited edition what a dream x


  73. hazelrigz says:

    my daughter got her bike stolen and is broken hearted i would love to win for her.

  74. Katy Turner says:

    I love the lightning mcqueen pedal car :o)

  75. Anonymous says:

    Lilac Betty Pocket Mod
    facebook stan theman

  76. Homebird says:

    Love the Green Tractor @happyhomebird

  77. Anonymous says:

    love the lightening mcqueen car! boys wud love it lol

    greig spencer

    greigo_uk on twitter

  78. laura pyper says:

    I love the Junior Pink Princess Trike 🙂

  79. katyspence says:

    Has to be the Peg Perego Jeep, it is awesome!

  80. Unknown says:

    i love the tractors all of them,super cool. although not really my little girls cup of tea so i would go with the Injusa 12V Hello Kitty 2 Seater Jeep. If only money grew on tress 🙁

    Oh and btw i love the bike in this comp!! xx miamoos_mummy x

  81. Anonymous says:

    I like the e100-electric-scooter—silver – think my boy would have tons of fun on this!
    Sarah Higgins

  82. debbie jackson says:

    OMG gteat looking and prety bike> Makes a change to all the boys made to look like girls ones in the shops. Daughter would love this.

  83. ChrisHeels says:

    As my daughters bike is currently missing a wheel and it seems impossible to find a replacement….this is the perfect competition!

  84. NICOLA TERRY says:

    Baby Batman Pedal Car – It’s so cute

  85. Anonymous says:

    Disney Mini Mouse car

  86. baudsley says:

    i like the the Injusa 6V Blade Trimoto Trike

  87. Emma2321 says:

    I love the Lilac Betty Pocket Mod – super cool and very girlie! :0)

  88. babz229 says:

    I love the Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane

  89. Anonymous says:

    The “Dumper Kid ” looks pretty cool

  90. lucy says:

    I like the snow cruiser – the ultimate sledge!

  91. I ♥ the Disney Minnie Mouse car – wish they did adult ones! xoxo

  92. Love the Disney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse pedal-car

  93. elff73 says:

    it has to be the Ferrari Enzo 12V electric, at least my kids would beable to own a ferrari……………

  94. rachael jones mann says:

    the batman pedal car is awesome !

  95. flower says:

    I like the Injusa 12V Phantom Racer Jeep

  96. Barry Ranns says:

    It would have to be the Sky King Pedal Plane and use it to catch that Red Baron

  97. Ferrari 12V 360 Spider – Limited edition !! Would have loved this as a kid 🙂

  98. Miranda says:

    Fab prize, my little girl would adore this 🙂

  99. Toyah Rusby says:

    How cool is that! Id have felt like the bees knees if id had one as a kid!

  100. my daughter would love the Disney minnie Mouse car – she is minnie mouse crazy!

  101. Lamborghini Murcielago 6V LP560

  102. Joy says:

    I love that website anyway, and will be saving up for something like this for my Rosie:—black

  103. Hannah says:

    I love the electric tractor it’s so much fun!

  104. My daughter would be the envy of the local kids with this bike!! Awesome! x

  105. Fiona Martin says:

    Love the Injusa 12V Barbie Evo 2 seat Car – can imagine my daughter loving this, racing around with her friends!!

  106. I love the Peg Perego 24V Gaucho SuperPower Jeep

  107. KTBennett says:

    my daughter would love this she is after a bike and would be a very happy little girl if mummy got her this ….

  108. teresa1963 says:

    minnie mouse car so cute

  109. i have a little grandson who would love the Ferrari 6V 250 GTO Classic, he loves cars, cars and more cars!!

  110. Lucy Carter says:

    Lilac Betty Pocket mod

  111. sarah cooper says:

    what a great competition my 4 year old daughter would love to win this prize.

  112. Lauren says:

    Think my fave item is the Ferrari 12V 360 Spider – Limited edition….looks super!

  113. E100 Electric Scooter – Pink my daughter would love this

  114. dwerry says:

    Ferrari F1 12V electric

  115. tracye says:

    has to be the minny mouse car.

  116. Anonymous says:

    has got to be the mercedes 500 xx

  117. Hun says:

    Barbie Car looks fantastic!

  118. Anonymous says:

    porsche pedal car is fab, my baby is only 8 weeks old but I can already see her in it!

  119. Anonymous says:

    My favourite product is the Ferrari 12V 360 Spider – Limited edition (Kevin Devine)

  120. sarah lee says:

    I love the
    Injusa 12V Hello Kitty 2 Seater Jeep
    my daughter would just love this!

  121. Injusa 12V Cyclops Mega Quad – awesome 🙂

  122. Danielle says:

    Lamborghini Gallardo 12V electric for my son, but my daughter would LOVE the bike!

  123. ButtonF1Fan says:

    Ferrari 12V 360 Spider – Limited edition. Very nice

  124. joanne says:

    porsche pedal car 🙂

  125. zeenie says:

    i love the Injusa 12V Phantom Racer Jeep

  126. WhiteLily says:

    The Minnie mouse car – My youngest loves her!

  127. milkpetal says:

    Definitely the Sky King Pedal Plane. How cool is that!?

  128. I love the Injusa 12V Hello Kitty 2 Seater Jeep – just the job for little girls!

  129. JoliceMcGee says:

    My little boy loves the Silver Pursuit Pedal Plane 🙂

    Fab prize + comp Thankyou

  130. jo barber says:

    My daughter would say the minnie mouse car x

  131. Ohh anything concerning Disney, i love it.

  132. love the E100 Electric Scooter – Red

  133. Anonymous says:

    great prize i would keep it for xmas

  134. Debbie says:

    i think it would have to be the minnie mouse car! Thanks for the chance to win i have my fingers crossed!

  135. shell35 says:

    I love the look of the Ferrari F1 12V electric but I think thats more for the adults than the kids

  136. Liam Stephens says:

    porsche eletric car 🙂

  137. I love the gorgeous cars they have on their site. Particularly the Ferrari F1 12V electric. Daddy says he wishes they made these in adult sizes!

  138. perkypigs says:

    Disney Minie Mouse Car

  139. alison says:

    I love the Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane and it comes in such a lovely PINK

  140. The fork lift truck is my favorite

  141. Hayley26x says:

    The Lightning McQueen Pedal Car is brilliants 🙂 xx

  142. Leanne B says:

    The Red Monaco Racer with Chrome Grill is brilliant & because it’s a pedal car they still get plenty of exercise along with all the fun.

  143. Nicola Seary says:

    I love the Shark attack Pedal Plane-My 2 youngest boys would love it.

  144. herb says:

    Peg Perego 24V Gaucho SuperPower Jeep

  145. Jackie says:

    X trac with brake and gears

  146. petra says:

    Disney Minnie Mouse Car

    1. The Disney Minnie Mouse car looks awesome!

    2. fay says:

      the Disney Minnie Mouse club house looks pretty cool x

  147. Anonymous says:

    The Green Tractor for me

  148. Kate Mo Edwards says:

    i love the disney minnie mouse car but that bike is awesome!

  149. Amazing prize, I always dreamed as a child of owning a Pink Ferrari, and although that may not come true for me what better way for it to live on than my little Princess Isobella owning this totally stunning Ferrari Bike haha!! I love it!! Wish I was small enough to ride it myself!!

    Having read your blog post I was very quick to go and have a look at Totcars as my little boys latest thing is also Batman!! He is obsessed with the lego games haha, and I can’t believe they do a Batman car, my little boy would be ecstatic receiving this from Father Christmas!! xx

  150. minxy81 says:

    mine and my sons fave is the Mini Cooper S 6V – Yellow

  151. Emma Jones says:

    The Disney Minnie Mouse car is amazing! But so is this bike 😀 any little girl would be lucky to own it xx

  152. Nancy Bradford says:

    I love the Injusa 12V Hello Kitty 2 Seater Jeep but the Minnie Mouse car is a firm second as well.

  153. emma kinsey says:

    Would have to be minnie mouse car

  154. freyamae2000 says:

    Lilac Betty Pocket Mod so stylish for my little fashionista!

  155. Karl Foxley says:

    Has to be the Injusa 12V Hello Kitty 2 Seater Jeep.

  156. BeX says:

    Disney Minnie Mouse Car

  157. kuli says:

    My favourite is Ferrari Enzo 12v electric.

  158. kelandab says:

    Love the electric tractor!

  159. Anonymous says:

    Lightning McQueen Pedal Car

  160. Kelly Roberts says:

    I love the ferrari enzo electric car!

  161. karen says:

    i love the Porsche 911 Pedal Car!!!

  162. sion gibby says:

    disnie minie mouse car

  163. straysuzi says:

    My Granddaughter would love the njusa 12V Hello Kitty 2 Seater Jeep. She could drive her friends around but would probably try to get me in there with her lol

  164. Sam B says:

    These are fab! I love the Mini Cooper S 6V!

  165. jamieaka says:

    Disney Minnie mouse car

  166. Awww it says I have 0 entries and I definitely entered yesterday, see comment above??xx

  167. wallpapers says:

    i love that bicyle

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