Kiddy Guardianfix Pro – Review

Just before I had Erin I was very kindly sent a Kiddy Guardianfix Pro to review with Erin.  Due to not being able to drive in the few weeks leading up to Erin’s birth and afterwards for six weeks, I did not get the opportunity to start reviewing the car seat until I was driving again. 
With the help of dad of 3 I had unpacked the Guardianfix Pro and installed it in my car prior to Erin’s arrival so that it would be ready for when I could drive again. 

Once out of the box the car seat arrived we took the opportunity to look at all the features and read the instruction manual to make sure we fitted it correctly in my car.  The instruction manual was stored in a clear compartment located at the back of the car seat.  I thought this was very clever and meant that the manual could be replaced once read so you will always know where it is when needed instead of having to go through endless draws. 

The Kiddy Guardianfix Pro is a group 1 to 3 car seat so grows with your child.  This is approximately 9kg to 18kg (group 1) and 15kg -36 kg (group 2-3) Which is about 9mths right through to 12 years old.   

When using as a group 1 car seat your child is secured using the Impact shield.  Using the guide funnels you can secure the seat to the ISO FIX anchors.   However you can also install the car seat using a three point restraint.  A list of the approved cars that the car seat can be used with ISO FIX can be found here

Once I located the ISO FIX anchors in my car and decided where we wanted the car seat to go it was really easy to secure the seat ready for use.  Dad of 3 put Rowan in the seat so he could make any necessary adjustments, which apart from the seat cushion there were none and it was all ready to be used.

During the few weeks I had been driving before the Guardianfix Pro had arrived, Rowan had suddenly become a bit of a Houdini and had managed to get his arms out of the harness on his car seat.  We had tried everything to deter him without much luck.  So I hoped that when he used the Guardianfix Pro he wouldn’t be able to do this anymore.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was to be able to drive again after I had been passed fit to drive by the doctor following the reccommended six weeks after my c-section.  However I was advised to limit driving to school trips only for a further three weeks as it had been my fourth C-section.  But believe me that was fine by me!  

I went straight home to get my car so I could collect Rowan from meithrin that lunch time.  He was so excited to see my car and be able to try his new car seat out.  He quickly climbed up into the car seat and made himself comfortable while I secured him using the impact shield.  It was so easy to do and off we went.  It was strange to see him with now harness restraint on in the car seat but he was happy and safe.  Once home Rowan didn’t want to get out of the car seat but once I explained he could go in it when we went to get his brothers he was happy.  

I wondered how long it would take for Rowan to try escaping from the car seat.  I think it was about a fortnight later he attempted it when we had just pulled into the car park for the end of day school run.  He very quickly realised he could not get out from behind the impact shield and gave up and that is to date the only time he attempted it thankfully.  

Rowan also realised that he could balance toys on the impact shield if he wanted to and has started taking one with him especially on long journeys.  We haven’t yet tried reclining the seat when Rowan has fallen asleep.  There have been a few occasions when he has ended up asleep with his head on the impact shield which doesn’t look comfortable and has ended in a few hilarious incidents where he has woken up with a pack of snacks stuck to his face! and of course how could I resist the photo opportunity, after all they may come in handy one day!  

Rowan happily uses the Guardianfix Pro and loves the fact he has a little independence by being able to climbing in and out of the seat himself at the start and end of journeys.   I love the fact that not only does he look comfortable and safe in the seat, it has stopped his Houdini tricks plus it will grow with him so no need to buy another car seat for him.  So far it has been Rowan that has used the Guardianfix Pro however Trystan has used it on one occasion when we Rowan was not with us and then used it without the impact shield as he is over the requirements to do so.  He commented that he liked the seat and it was very comfortable.  Additionally we have found that it is easy to transfer the Guardianfix Pro between my car and dad of 3’s car although we have only done so once.  Unlike some car seats the Guardianfix Pro is fairly lightweight.  Its safe to say we love the Guardianfix pro and I look forward to being able to use it with Rowan as he grows. 

The Kiddy Guardianfix Pro features:
  • original Kiddy Impact Shield
  • New Kiddy Shock Absorber (when used as a group 2 upwards) 
  • Hi-tech Material
  • 3 stage leg extension
  • one handed height and width adjustment
  • Kiddy k-fix connectors
  • Integrated diagonal seat belt guide
  • foldable and removable insert cushion 
  • Breathable Thermotex fabric
  • Durable covers
  • Retraction mechanism 
  • certified ergonomics
  •  Dimensions & Weight
    Minimum: 46 x 68 x 40 cm 
    Maximum: 60 x 81 x 52 cm
    Weight: ca. 8,5 kg
    (information taken from Kiddy website)
The Kiddy Guardianfix Pro retails at around £200 which although seems expensive it is not when you consider it will last from 9months to around 12 years old if not involved in an accident.  Also it provides peace of mind for you and comfort for your child.  For a list of stockists please visit

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