Warburtons Baked Naan Chips

A few weeks ago I took delivery of a box from Warburtons, inside was some of their new Baked Naan Chip snacks.  Dad  of 3 was very excited to give them ago as he loves a good curry and all that goes with it.  So he wanted to see if the Baked Naan Chips had an authentic taste.  

We were sent the three flavours of Baked Naan Chips available, Creamy Korma, Classic Tikka and Fiery MadrasWe were also sent a pack of Warbutons Pitta Chips in garlic to try.  They are avaible in individual bags or in 150g sharing bags. 
I was plesantly surprised by the Baked Naan Chips, the flovours were great and very enjoyable.  In fact I personally found them quite moreish.  The only one that was too hot for my taste was the fiery Madras but then that is one curry I would not normally eat.  All three boys delved straight in, even Luc who will not eat curry, but he enjoyed the Creamy Korma Naan chips.  Dad of 3 throuoghly enjoyed them and commented that the Fiery Madras was rather more chilly flavoured but the Creamy Korma was a really authentic Korma flavour.  He also enjoyed the Tikka one too.  Although dad of 3 likes hot and spicey currys normally his favourite Baked Naan Chip turned out to be the Creamy Korma.  My only problem is now we have a taste for them we can not buy them locally so have had to resort to dad of 3 picking them up from the supermarket near where he works. 
Warburtons Baked Naan Chips are made from a unique nann bread recipe, and are inspired by iconic Bristish-Indian dishes.  They make a great snack on their own but can also be enjoyd with dips.  
Warbutons Baked Naan Chips are now available to buy in Morrisons stores throughout the UK and retail at £1.79 a bag.  

Disclaimer:  We were sent the Warbutons Baked Naan Chips for the purposes of the review however the content of the review is my own. 

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