Now is Good – Dvd review

I was recently sent Now is Good on dvd by Warner brothers to review.  Starring Dakota Fanning, Jeremy Irvine and Olivia Williams to name but a few this lovely, poignant film follows Tessa a seventeen year old who has been “diagnosed with a terminal illness, she determines to use every moment, compiling a catalogue of what a normal teenager would experience, including losing her virginity and taking drugs. With the help of her friend Zoey, she sets the list in motion. While her family deals with fear and grief, each in their own way, Tessa explores a whole new world. Falling in love with Adam, her new neighbour, wasn’t on the list, but it proves to be the most exhilarating experience of them all”. (taken from the product information)
I had wanted to see this film for a while so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review it.  It took me about a fortnight to finally a quiet evening when I could settle down and watch it without interruption.  I thoroughly enjoyed Now is Good, you can really empathise with the Tessa and the other characters as the story progresses.  It is well written and portrayed beautifully by the actors.  Be warned though you will need a box of tissue’s handy for this one and maybe some chocolate but it is well worth a watch.  I was not too sure about letting the older boys watch the film with me as thought it may contain some adult themes as it is rated a certificate 12.  However Luc (8) came into my room about half an hour from the end and sat quietly watching.  Afterwards he simply said ” that was sad mummy” bless him.   It’s not dad of three’s cup of tea either but its a nice excuse to have some ‘me’ time and the opportunity to watch a film I enjoy.  
 The running time of the dvd is 103 minutes, it is a certificate 12 and also included with the dvd is an ultra violet copy so you can download it on too your laptop, ipad etc, great for watching films away from home.   

 Now is Good  is available from all good stockists including amazon   and retails at around.  £12.99

Disclaimer:  I was sent Now is Good for the purpose of this review.  However the review is 100% my own thoughts and feelings.  

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