Sponsored Video – Samsung “Easy in, Easy Out”

When it comes to looking for a new Refrigerator look no further than Samsung. Even these cheeky monkeys have it on their wish list! In fact their scouring the neighbourhood for them ….

As the Monkey’s have demonstrated the new Samsung refrigerator has appeal space to enable the best possible storage of your food. But also allowing you to have easy access at all time. Just think no more fumbling around to find that last yoghurt or packet of ham in the back, having to take umpteen other items out because you can’t see what’s there. The ‘easy slide shelf” means that you can organise your space more efficiently and easily while utilizing all available space in the refrigerator. Even the storage in the doors is used fully. As the monkey’s demonstrated “easy in, easy out”!
All this does not mean other area’s have been compromised either. With the ‘CoolSelect Zone’ you are able to control the temperature within your refrigerator meaning that maximise freshness and store items for longer. Samsung’s ‘No frost Technology’ also means that you don’t get that build up of ice in your freezer section while also preventing that annoying water staining in the fridge from water drops. At the same time the superior Digital Inverter Technology improves energy efficiency.
These things make this the perfect refrigerator for families, plenty of space without compromising on freshness and accessibility. What will your little monkey’s make of it?
If you would like to find out more about Samsung’s range please visit their website to discover more
This post is sponsored by Samsung but all the content is my own. 

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