Sponsored post – Win a copy of Skyfall with Atlantic

Atlantic are currently giving people the chance to win a copy of the new James Bond movie Skyfall over on their facebook page.  Entering couldn’t be easier all you need to do is pop over to their facebook page and like it, then follow the link on the page to the competition form.  As James Bond famously enjoys his Vodka Martini Shaken not stirred” Atlantic would like you to tell them about your cocktail creations.  Here’s my cocktail creation:
Introducing the Welsh Sunrise (non alcoholic)

Make up some ribena and place in ice cube tray, then freeze.
Then in a jug mix:
A cup of mango juice
A cup of pineapple juice
A cup of lemonade.

Stir together then pour into glasses to serve.  Add a frozen ribena cube into each glass poured and then garnish side of glass with a slice of orange.

As the ribena cube melts it will mix with the rest of the cocktail creating a sunrise effect.  

I’ve opted to create a non alcoholic cocktail for my entry because I rarely drink these days, disturbed nights with the children and breastfeeding with alcohol added to the mix really don’t appeal to me.  But why should I miss out on being able to have an enjoyable drink.  

So what are you waiting for pop over and get entering your cocktail creations here but be quick as the competitions ends at 10 pm on Friday 22nd February 2013 and the winner will be notified on Monday 25th February 2013.
Atlantic have produced their own cocktail, “Cocktail of positive changes”  for shaking up the energy industry.  Some to the positive changes Atlantic are making include the following:  Simplified tariffs, Introducing annual energy health checks and creating a new customer charter.  To find out more about Atlantic’s positive changes visit their website which can be found here
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Atlantic (part of the SSE group)

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