Finding some quality time with friends and partners

During my teenage years I often thought about attending concerts to see my favourite bands perform live. Sadly it never became a reality, mainly due to the distance to the venues and the cost of tickets. Then I meet dad of 3 and my focus moved to setting up home with him. Date nights were often trips to the cinema or a nice meal out somewhere. Even after the older two boys arrived we would enjoy the odd night out together. But now we have four children finding babysitters is quite a task so we tend to opt for family nights in or go out as a family.

However as the children are getting older our thoughts are turning back to enjoying some quality time out both as a couple and also with friends. Quite a few of my friends have been in a similar position to us and lately I have been chatting with a few about finally doing some of the things we wanted to do before children came along. I have to admit I am slightly jealous of my best friend who has managed to attend a few concerts in the last year or two however at least she knows the ropes and can guide me through the experience!
We’ve been talking about having a weekend away where we can go to a concert and maybe enjoy so retail therapy without children with us. It really would be fantastic if we can manage it. Somewhere we haven’t visited together is London and it seems to be the perfect destination for us with lots of things to see and do, shopping and of course London Music events. So all we would need to do is decide where we want to go, who we would like to see in concert and arrange accommodation. We’ve decided to take some time to think about who we would like to see and then we will compile a list to help us decide but we’re getting excited just thinking about it. Then we will have to decide on a date and see if we can get tickets to see our chosen band or artist. It’s exciting making these plans and I can’t wait to actually put things in place.

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