Thinking of warmer climites

With the weather turning decidedly colder, wetter and windy I have found myself thinking about holidays. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone, I know several people who have recently booked themselves holidays for next year.

Although I do like the colder weather, I love the fact it spells nights in cuddled on the sofa with the children and dad of 3, watching TV or maybe a DVD or even having a games night. But the thought of warmer climates is quite appealing at times when we have torrential rain and gales outside. Dad of 3 and I often talk about our ideal family holiday if we could afford one. For dad of 3 it would almost certainly be a trip to America to attend Comic Con and visit a very good friend. Although I would love to visit America it would have to be to Disney and Orlando but to be honest as two of the children are still quite young I’m really not sure if a long haul flight is ideal. I think we really need to look for something that will occupy the younger children on the journey to our destination.
Something my mother in law has done a few times in the last couple of years is to go on a cruise. She’s enjoyed a lovely cruise around the Spanish Islands and another one around the Greek Islands. Both times she has gone with friends and has come back thoroughly relaxed and having had a fantastic time both on board the ship and exploring new places. I’ve always thought that cruises are very expensive and have been very surprised when my mother in law has told me how much it has cost her. She has always managed to find some fantastic cruise deals. So with this in mind I have been having a look at various cruise options both for ourselves and for my mother in law. I think I’m really going to have reassess my thoughts on cruises after reading about the facilities on board! They really do have so much to entertain and occupy every single family member. I’m actually amazed at what they have, cinemas, bars, gyms, shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, restaurants, swimming pools, activity areas to name but a few. I can see why my mother in law is enjoying her cruises so much now!
I know the older boys have been asking to go to Center Parcs again, having thoroughly enjoyed a break there two years ago. They love being outdoors and active, swimming several times a day and exploring. I have to admit I enjoyed it too, I loved the tranquillity of the village and the opportunity to spend quality time together. But there is apart of me that would love to wake up with a different view every day while on holiday, the idea is quite exciting.
Where would you go on holiday if you had the opportunity?

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