Styling Baby for Spring

You may have noticed the days are just beginning to stretch out a bit – a hopeful sign that Spring isn’t too far away! No doubt you’ve already started to plan your Spring wardrobe, so how about planning your baby’s at the same time?
Although Spring may be around the corner, don’t put too much trust into the great British weather! The chill is likely to stay in the air for some time yet so make sure you don’t pack away all your baby’s chunky knits! Breathable, lightweight layers are the best way forward as the winter fizzles out, so that she will be comfortable, come rain or shine.
So what essentials does your baby need in her Spring wardrobe?
A decent pair of baby shoes, for starters. George at Asda’s range of baby shoesare ideal -whether your baby is very young or becoming more mobile; perhaps even taking her first steps. It’s important to introduce your baby to shoes early on, so they get used to the idea of wearing them, ready for when they start walking properly. Even if your baby is still only at the rolling or crawling stage, a comfy pair of baby shoes, booties or George baby pop-onswill help protect their feet and keep those toes snuggly! 
Dungarees and Pinafores
Dungarees are a great, versatile option for baby boys, and pinafores for baby girls. They are comfortable and cute, with no waistbands to irritate your little one, and can be worn with either short or long sleeved T-shirts or bodysuits, as well as being layered up with colourful cardis or jumpers.

Jeans are as much an essential for your baby as they are for you! Comfy yet hard wearing, they are especially good if your baby is learning to crawl, as they will not wear at the knees as quickly as other, softer fabrics. You may want to opt for lighter weight denim versions as these should see your baby through the summer as well. Try supermarket ranges for a decent selection at a bargain price.

Spring weather is unpredictable, so ensure your baby has a supply of different tops including short and long sleeved bodysuits; cotton shirts for milder days, plus a few sweatshirts and cardigans for layering, as well as a warm jumper or two for the chillier days!
A lightweight, lined, waterproof jacket is a must, of course. A jacket is what your baby is seen out and about in every day, so invest in a decent quality, comfortable one in an attractive colour. Think practicality – avoid very light colours and beware of fiddly buttons and fastenings – you want something that is easy to take on and off, so poppers or a zip are best. For those April showers, a waterproofall in onemight also be a good idea, if your little one is out of the pram and toddling about – don’t forget the wellies too!
The key to kitting your baby out for the Spring is to ensure you have a good set of staple items. Don’t be so seduced by all the cute baby clothes out there that you end up wasting money on lots of each type of item. Your baby will grow out of her clothes as each season passes and you only need enough outfits that you’re not caught out by everything being in the wash at the same time!
Have fun planning your baby’s wardrobe – shop smart and feel the ‘spring’ in your step – and your baby’s!

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