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I’ve always been intrigued by electric duvets and blankets but never used one, dad of 3 has always worried that he will end up toast while using one!  So when I was given the opportunity to test one out for myself I couldn’t resist.  Two days before Christmas I took delivery of a Luxury heated cotton duvet, I think the postman thought I was balmy when I spotted the sender on the package as I got very excited!.  As soon as the little ones were napping I took the opportunity to have a read of the instructions, put a duvet cover on the duvet all ready for using that night and familiarise myself with the control unit.  
When dad of 3 returned from home I was so excited to show him the duvet.  As I had been sent the double duvet with dual controls, I explained to dad of 3 that if he didn’t want his side of the duvet warmed then he didn’t have to and I would only use the one control on my side of the bed as you have the option to use one or two of the control units. 
Each of the units enables each individual to set their side of the duvet to a heat they want using the six heat settings.  They can also set the duvet on a timer for either one hour or nine hours after which the duvet will be switched off.  The sixth setting on the remote unit is a fast preheat setting, warming your bed to ready for you to climb in.  I decided to give it a go that night, so before heading for a shower that night I turned the control unit on to the sixth setting.  Fifteen minutes later I returned to the bedroom and once changed for bed turned the remote control unit to setting two (25 o c) which is “ideal for warming cold feet and extra warmth around the lower part of the duvet” according to the instruction bookletYou must never use the fast preheat setting while in bed.  Settings 1 to 5 however can be used all night while in bed and range in temperature from 21 degrees centigrade to 36 degrees centigrade.  

The bed felt so lovely and warm, it was really nice getting into a warmed bed for a change.  Dad of three wasn’t so convinced and said he couldn’t feel the warmth! I’m convinced he was feeling the wrong side of the bed though as there was no way he wouldn’t have felt it!   I decided to leave the duvet on for a short time while I watched some TV and try the timer setting, so set it to turn off after an hour.  In the meantime our central heating had turned off ( we only have it on for a couple of hours in the evening) so laying in bed under the warm duvet was lovely.  I can’t say I realised straight away when the timer turned the duvet off but I remember realising that the duvet was cooling down and when I checked the control unit it had turned off. 
Since just before Christmas the weather has been really quite cold at times and I have really enjoyed using the duvet, it’s made a big difference to me during the cold nights.  The boys have enjoyed coming under the duvet to watch TV on a morning at weekends if they have had the opportunity however it is important not to use the duvet with children under the age of 3 years old, as they are unable to control their body temperature and are unable to react to overheating.  So if Erin has been in the bed when the duvet is on she has been on her dad’s side where the duvet is not used to ensure she does not over heat.  

The heated duvet has been a very welcome addition for me, I tend to feel the cold a lot quicker than dad of 3 and often end up with additional blankets on me in the night but now thanks to the Sleepwell luxury duvet it’s no longer the case.  I have also noticed that on nights when I have used the duvet if only for a short period of time I have slept better.  I am usually a light sleeper since the arrival of the children and often wake throughout the night.  But if I have had the duvet on for even just an hour before falling asleep I have woken less throughout the night.  I really should try leaving the duvet on all night and see what difference it makes to my sleep pattern.  I have to say it’s also been lovely cwtched up in bed with the boys watching TV on a Sunday morning with the duvet switched on, there’s something quite comforting about all being snuggled up together, the children watching tv and me dozing!.  

The Sleepwell intelliheat luxury duvet is very clever, it responds to temperature changes while you are sleeping.  So if you use the 9 hour timer setting and say set the control unit for setting 3 which is 28 degrees Centigrade ( the perfect temperature for deep and restful sleep) if your body temperature drops at any point during the night the duvet will respond to this and warm up to bring your body back up to temperature to maintain your chosen temperature. 

Another aspect of having an electric blanket or duvet that worried dad of 3 was the cost of using one, but Dreamland blankets and duvets cost as little as 1p a night to use making it really cost effective.  It’s meant that dad of 3 has often said to me later in the nights when I’m feeling the cold (usually around 9pm) to turn the duvet on as it not only warms up quicker than the central heating but is more cost effective.  Initially I was worried that the power cables would not reach the electric sockets but I needn’t have worried, they are a very generous length, in fact I have run the one I am using directly under our bed to ensure that no one trips over it! 

The luxury heated cotton duvet is made from 100% pure cotton fabric, its deep quilted and very soft.  It has to be one of the most comfortable duvets I’ve used even when not being heated.  We were sent the Double Dual duvet which measures: Length – 200 (6’6″) Width – 200 (6’6″), a very good size.  We find it can sometimes feel like it is slipping off the bed! But it is important not to fold or tuck the duvet in as it can damage the heating elements inside.  For more information on the Sleepwell Luxury Cotton Duvet please visit the Dreamland website here.  The double duvet costs £99.99, it may seem expensive however the fact that it has dual controls enabling you to have both sides set at different temperatures for your own comfort or only one side in use to me makes it worth while.  Also when you weigh up the cost of running your heated duvet compared to running your central heating for the same length of time, the initial cost of the duvet is a lot cheaper in the long run.  

So far my experience of using a heated duvet has been extremely positive, I intend to try using the duvet for a longer period of time i.e over night/9hours to see if it makes a further difference to my sleep pattern.  I also want to convince dad of 3 to use his side of the duvet too, it will be interesting to see how the duvet works with both sides in use. 

Disclaimer:  I was sent the Sleepwell Luxury cotton Duvet as part of Dreamland’s Bed Buddies blogger programme and for the purpose of this review.  The content of the review is 100% my own thoughts and feelings. 

3 thoughts on “Review – Sleepwell Luxury heated cotton duvet from Dreamland

  1. I got their electric blanket version for christmas and i love it. I use it all of the time. Best things ever 🙂

  2. Emma Kershaw says:

    Omg! I need one of those, I’m always cold, great review xx

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Have a double heated duvet which although works fine I do not think the controls have been thought out very well. Being retired and elderly we have no pressure to get up in the morning so it is extremely annoying to be woken up by a cold bed because the timer has switched the duvet off after 9 hours. Also to alter the heat settings you have press the button ounce to increase the heat by one and press the same button five times to decrease the setting by one. Very hard to do when you are still half asleep and do not want to find spectacles etc.

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