Thinking about Jewelry for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s day is fast approaching and finding a gift to say simply ‘Thank you’ to our mother’s is no easy task.  I’m sure I am not alone at dropping hints for my family at this time of year and I am always looking for craft ideas to make with my own children and those I look after.  In the last six months or so I have started wearing a bit of jewelry again having not really bothered for a number of years.  

With this in mind I have been looking at various jewelry companies online, there is so much choice out there and so many gorgeous pieces.  On my search I came across who specialise in gemstones.  I have always liked the idea of having a piece of jewelry with my birthstone on.  I was born in September and my birthstone is a Sapphire, which is blue, which is funny really as I’ve always been drawn to that colour.  The range of gorgeous Sapphire jewelry available is outstanding.  

Sapphire Heart Pendant
This stunning Sapphire Heart Pendant caught my eye.  I love it’s simplicity and elegance.   With every piece of jewelry brought from Angara you receive a certificate of authenticity which gives you information on your gemstone including the dimensions, number of stones, the metal used and the weight.  All providing you with piece of mind.  

 Angara have been working with gemstones for generations and have a vast knowledge and experience of cutting, polishing and design.  Since 2005 they have brought their jewelry to the public.  Angara have a variety of jewelry available from rings to earrings and all can be shipped worldwide.  You are bound to find something that you like and will make a perfect gift.  When using the Angara website you can also search via occasion or collection making your search for the perfect jewelry even easier.  For example searching for Mother’s Day will bring you here where you will find a lovely range of items.  

I think I will be leaving the Angara website open on my computer for the next few weeks to see if dad of 3 takes the hint!  

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