What does home mean to you?

The last few weeks has seen us talking about ‘home’ and what it means to us.  Over the last twelve years dad of 3 and myself have had four homes.  Our first was in the South Wales Valleys and where we had our first home as a couple and where our eldest two first lived.  Our second and third homes were houses we rented when we moved to West Wales and where our youngest son joined our family.  Then two years ago we finally bought our own home in West Wales and Erin joined our family, completing us.  
Too me a home is somewhere memories are formed, somewhere you can relax and spend time together as a family.  Somewhere you feel comfortable and can be yourself, somewhere you can escape to at the end of a long day.  To dad of 3, home is somewhere he can relax, somewhere he has everything he needs and doesn’t have to go out anywhere, somewhere he also feels comfortable.  
As we have been sorting out things in the house which is an ongoing process we have been looking at old family photographs.  We have a few of our old homes and the boys have been asking questions about them.  Our eldest was two and a half when we moved from South Wales and his brother was sixteen months, Luc has a vague memory of our first house but remembers it was close to his grandparents and Trystan was too young to remember it.  Too me our first home has lots of memories after all it was our first home, we planned our wedding from there, we embarked on our journey as parents together.  
We then took the decision to move to West Wales, initially as I obtained work I moved back in with my parents with the two boys and Dad of 3 stayed in South Wales where his job was.  It wasn’t an easy time and we took it in turns commuting backwards and forwards so that we still had family time together.  Then six months later we found a house to rent and we moved in, with dad of 3 securing a job locally just as we sold our house in South Wales.  Six months commuting was at an end and it was nice to have our family back together.  I then discovered I was expecting our third child.  So our first family home in West Wales also holds lots of memories for us and somewhere the older two do remember.  Then two months after we welcomed Rowan to our family we made a move to another rented house, this time around the corner from my parents and in town, making things easier for the children’s schooling and meaning we could walk into town etc easily.  
This house also saw the start of my own business as a registered childminder and two happy years where enjoyed here.  It’s where Rowan took his first steps, where we saw snow, something that is rare here due to being so close to the coast.  Lots and lots of happy memories for us all, we had the three boys christened while we lived here too and I also started Mum of 3 Boys here.  
Then two years ago we decided the time was right to buy our own home again and embarked on the search for our perfect family home.  Hours where spent searching local estate agent windows and websites looking a various houses on the market.  Every time we went out somewhere we would pass houses with for sale signs and then go home and googling them to look at the detailsSearch engines provided helpful for looking up estate agents, just typing in the names we had seen on signs and then search strutt and parker  for example enabled us to explore properties we had seen.  Buying a house is a stressful time for anyone and finding a estate agent who understands your needs can help ease the stress.  We finally found our new home literally round the corner from our rented house and started the process of ‘buying’.  Three months later we were collecting keys and moving into our new home.  
A new home, a new beginning for us as a family.  Four weeks after our move I discovered I was pregnant for a fourth time, a surprise but a welcome one.  We all looked forward to making this house our home.  As we unpacked and acquainted with the house we settled and quickly felt comfortable here.  It’s an ongoing process that even after two years here is still not complete but here really is home for us and we’re all comfortable here.  The boys talk about our old homes as houses now and whenever out and about a little voice can be heard saying ‘I want to go home now please’ a sure sign that this really is our home and I can’t see us leaving here anytime soon. 
This post is brought to you by Strutt and Parker however the content of the post is 100% my own thoughts, feelings and words. 

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