Finding the perfect bed

The last couple of weeks I have been hunting around for new beds for myself and dad of 3.  Our current one is over 15 years old and really needs replacing along with the mattress.  Dad of 3 isn’t too keen to replace it though so some persuasion is required.  
We don’t have a local bed store here, the nearest ones are over an hour away so I can’t just pop in and browse.  So I’ve decided to look online instead, that way I can have a good idea of what I like before I even think of travelling to the nearest store.  I may even find a good offer online that can be delivered.    

Both dad of 3 and myself like quite traditional looking beds so finding something we both like shouldn’t be too difficult.  Our current bed is a wooden one and I like the idea of another wooden bed.  However we really would benefit from one that either has storage built in or would allow us to store storage boxes underneath.  The boys have been helping me have a look and their idea of the perfect bed is quite different from mine and they have had some interesting choices.  

As I’ve been finding beds I’ve been sending dad of 3 pictures of them via email for him to see.  After a fortnight of looking we’ve decided that the best option is to buy online as it seems there are better offers available at present than in store and some include mattresses too.  Ideally finding someone who can offer us next day delivery would be great as it means we could dismantle our old bed and then assemble the new one in the same day.  

Limelight Sedna Wooden Bed frame

I’ve found a few stores that offer next day beds  So the next step is to find a bed that we both 
like.  I quite like this Limelight Sedna Wooden bed frame. 
It looks sturdy and is a traditional bed.  There seems to be a good amount of room that would enable me to put storage boxes underneath too.  

I also quite like this metal bed frame although it doesn’t look like it has much scope for under bed storage sadly.   

The boys quite like the look of this bed.  It’s not the style that we would normally consider but it does have a classic look about it but there is no built in storage nor any way we could store boxes underneath.  I’m not sure the boys should have a say in what bed we get as essentially they have their own beds.  So now dad of 3 needs to get involved in the decision process more now.  Once the bed frame is chosen the next thing will be choosing a mattress to use with it.  I think this will be the hardest part of buying a new bed as dad of 3 likes a firm mattress while I like some support but not very firm if that makes sense.  It just goes to prove that finding your perfect bed takes time.  Two thing we do agree on are the need to have storage and next day delivery is an essential to us. 

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