Black and White Photography Project

On Monday myself and the children made the two hour trip to Cardiff to meet up with the lovely The Boy and Me at one of my favourite places, Dyffryn Gardens.  We spent many a weekend at Dyffryn Gardens when we lived in the valleys and have many special memories of the older two riding trikes and exploring the grounds.  Dyffryn Gardens is somewhere that has always had that bit of mystery for me as when we used to visit the house was not accessible and dad of 3 and myself would speculate about the treasures that maybe inside.  I’ve always felt a sense of calm when at Dyffryn and would easily spend hours there.

So when I learnt just over a year ago that the National Trust now had ownership of Dyffryn Gardens I was thrilled.  Then around the same time I discovered that The Boy and Me shared my love of Dyffryn I just knew we would have to visit together.

The Boy and Me makes such a good tour guide too and we had a lovely time exploring the house before heading for the grounds were the four boys all climbed trees and explored all the hidden secrets that Dyfffryn holds.

My entry for Podcasts Black and White Photography Project just had to be one of Dyffryn Gardens…


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4 thoughts on “Black and White Photography Project

  1. What a totally beautiful place 🙂 #bwphotoproject

  2. Sam says:

    I like this shot for so many different reasons. The house itself is stunning. I love the angle and view you have chosen, almost secret nestled under trees like a spy! I also love the puffy cloud drifting by. It feels like a photo that could have been taken 100 years ago. #bwphotoproject

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    wow what a beautiful picture of an equally stunning place! x

  4. Charly Dove says:

    Oh it looks like the most wonderful place – great photo! I’ve heard about it before, I bet it’s a great place to hang around and loose yourself for a few hours! Thanks for sharing with #bwphotoproject

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