Black and White Photography Project

It’s been a while since I joined in with PODcast’s Black and White Photography project but I’m back!   Following on from Captured by Lucy’s photography session at Blogon Cymru at the beginning of the month I decided to buy some light reflectors so I could play around with lighting.  This weekend I’ve been experimenting with them for the first time using my flowers from Mother’s Day.  I figured it would be easier to use something that didn’t move first!  

I’m quite pleased with the finished result and I think using black and white works really well.  I love the contrast between the roses and the what the light highlights areas of the petals enabling you to see the little veins and markings in each petal. 

black and white project 29.3black &white 29.3.15 ablack&white 29.3.15 bWhy not pop over and have a look at some of the other photographs in this weeks link up over at Podcast.  You can find them here  Hopefully I’ll be back with some more black and white photographs soon.


1 thought on “Black and White Photography Project

  1. Lovely details! Love your macro shots and the b&w effect made them romantic =) #bwphotoproject

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