Keeping your home safe

Home security is something that dad of 3 and I have been talking about periodically over the last few years.  However over  the last few months it has been a topic that has discussed more.  Unfortunately over the Summer there were a few burglaries locally and a couple very close to where we live.  These incidents have made us more conscious about our own homes security. 

I’m lucky in the fact that I work from home so the house is not often left for long periods however dad of 3 feels that this also can make us complacent about security.  I think it is also something that we become more aware of during the Winter months when it is darker earlier.   

So what can you do to keep your home safe?  A number of areas operate a neighbourhood watch scheme where those participating will keep an eye out for each other.  We don’t have this here however as I have several elderly neighbours we have always kept an eye out for each other and make sure each other is okay.   You could also fit security lights that automatically come on when movement is sensed.  These are usually fitted at the front of your home or on a garage.  Some of these lights can be very sensitive to movement and will also be switched on by cats walking passed however I personally this would not bother me, in fact I think I would find it more reassuring. 

You can also take some easy steps to help keep your home safe.  Make sure you do not leave door keys in view near doors or windows.  Close and lock all windows when going out.  If you are going to be away overnight or a couple of days you could leave a key with someone you trust, a neighbour, family member or friend and ask them to check on your home.  Also by making a neighbour aware you are away they will be able to keep an eye for activity at your home during that period and can raise the alarm should they see anything suspicious.  Some people also choice to have a dog as a family pet as they often deter burglars.  If you have a garage, shed or outbuilding make sure they are kept locked and secured when you are away from home too. 

Finally another thing you can do is install a home security alarm.  You can get a security alarm system fitted by specialist companies such as Kings Security They offer bespoke packages tailored to your needs and include fitting of a burglar alarm, maintenance and 24 hour monitoring.  This provides you with added peace of mind and security for your home. 

ultimately you have to find a solution that you are comfortable with and will also help you keep your home safe. 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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