Recycling Big Objects

As a nation we are now very conscious of how we dispose of our waste, be that food waste, household waste, animal waste and even bigger items like cars.  There are more and more ways to recycle a variety of materials these days from composting to council recycling schemes, skip hire and recycling plants where you can take your own waste too. 

Last year we installed a composting bin in our garden so we could recycle our food waste ourselves.   Our local council operate a recycling bag scheme which as a resident we have to use as like most areas we only have our black bag waste collected fortnightly.  It’s something that can be difficult at times especially when I have a lot of nappies to change throughout the week.  However I am  constantly looking for ways of recycling our waste. 

As I’ve spoken about before we are in the process of renovating our kitchen, yes we’re still working on it!  But as a result we have several kitchen units and appliances which are surplus to our needs.  Some of these items I listed on our local facebook swap shop and gave them away to people who could use them.  However we still have items that are broken to dispose of.   We’ve looked at a couple of options from taking it to our nearest council run tip to hiring a skip. 

This has made me think about what happens to even bigger items, how would you dispose of them if you needed too?  If you needed to scrap your car or maybe a van, where would you take it for example?  It’s one of those items that you can’t take to your local tip or hire a skip for, so what would you do with it?   I have a few friends who have recently had to buy new cars for various reasons and this got me thinking about what they could do with their old cars.   Sometimes if you are buying from a garage or car dealership they will take your old car as a deposit (part-exchange) and if this isn’t an option then they often will take your car to be scraped for you.  Then there are private firms like CJ Metals who will come to your home address or where ever your car is and take it away to be recycled.  From a young age I knew about the local scrap man who would come and take away old appliances but having someone come and take your car away is a new one to me.  These companies will strip your old car of anything that can be recycled will be.    It’s certainly given me a lot to think about now and at least I can pass the information to my friends who may benefit from it. 

Disclaimer:  This is a collaborative post

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