Review – Kids Trivia Plus

The boys have all reached the age were they are starting to enjoy playing a board game on a wet afternoon or after dinner.  So when we were sent Kids Trivia Plus a few weeks ago I hoped it would be something we could enjoy as a family and maybe we would all learn a thing or two at the same time!

kids trivia plusWhen the package arrived I was intrigued to see how small the game actually was.  It’s been designed to fit into a small tin which means it can be stored away easily and also makes it perfect for taking away with you as fit easily into an overnight bag or suitcase. 

Aimed at children aged 7 years plus for between three and six children it was ideal for the older two boys but Rowan would need some help as he is only six years old.  So over the half term holiday I decided we would give it a go with the older two boy and then Rowan and I playing as a team.  

In the box you get a playing board, instructions, a dice, 6 coloured playing pieces and a set of cards.  Each card has four categories on it, Telling Tales, School, Riddles and Today’s Trivia.

kids trivia plus boxThe object is to work your way around the board answering questions from the category you land on and the first one to finish wins.   The first time we played it took us about twenty minutes to complete the game and I won!  Then the boys wanted to play again but with Erin and Rowan forming a team against the older two, so I leant a hand to the younger two.  This time Trystan won, it did take slightly longer to play the second time as the younger two took longer to answer the questions.

The older two boys especially are quite competitive and wanted to play on their own which did work despite the recommendation of a minimum of three players.  All in all that afternoon we played four games of Kids Trivia Plus and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it.  Sadly we haven’t had a chance to play since half term however the boys have asked to play at the next opportunity.

kids trivia gameKids Trivia Plus costs £9.95 and is available from John Lewis, Wyvale and Smyths Toys to name but a few.  I think this would make a great gift for an older child or even a joint gift for a family. 

Disclaimer: We were sent Kids Trivia Plus for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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