Review – Red Reindeer Pj’s from Pixie Dixie

At the beginning of the week Rowan was sent some lovely Red Reindeer Pyjamas by the lovely people at Pixie Dixie.  With Christmas around the corner they make lovely festive bed wear but are also not too seasonal so can be worn at other times of the year.

IMG_5990I hadn’t heard of Pixie Dixie before so was interested to learn more about them so popped online to take a look at their website.  Pixie Dixie was set up in 2006 and they make children’s pyjamas that children love to wear.  They are made from 100% Cotton jersey and feature some of Britain’s Iconic designs such as Princess Crowns and London Buses among other designs.  Pixie Dixie Pyjamas are made for children aged 1 to 10 years old.  I also learnt that they have their own range of Paint your own Nightwear which sounds fun. 

When I unpacked Rowan’s new Pyjama’s I was initially struck by how soft the material was, it felt like it would be very cosy to wear.  Rowan insisted on wearing them straight away.  So that night I helped him into them, I was a bit nervous as I had ordered age 5-6 years old and wasn’t sure if they would be too big for him as he is small for his age and also in between sizes at the moment.  I also know that the age 3-4 years would be too small.  I was right they were too long on him, however they fit in the waist perfectly.  Rather than roll them up at the leg I decided to roll them up twice at the waist so that he wouldn’t trip over them if he got up in the night and he was good to go!  It least they would last him a while at the rate he was growing!  I think if Rowan was the average height of a 6-year-old the Pyjamas would have been a better fit but he would still have some room to grow in them. 

IMG_5991 Rowan has a habit of taking his pyjamas off during the night, usually because he is too hot or gets uncomfortable but the following morning when I went to get him up for school I found him still fully dressed in his pyjamas.  Once he had woken fully I asked him if he had slept well and he told me he had and his new pj’s were very cozy and warm.  That evening he couldn’t wait to get changed for bed and again the following morning he was still wearing his pyjamas as he had been the morning before.  It was great to know he finally was happy in bed especially as the weather has become quite a bit colder at night this week which means keeping him warm is important to stop him having problems with his asthma. 

Since the Red Reindeer Pyjamas arrived on Tuesday he has worn them every night until last night when he spilt hot chocolate on them.  He was so annoyed with himself bless him for getting his cozy pj’s dirty.  My immediate thought was “Oh no, I hope that doesn’t stain!”.  I quickly helped him out of them and popped them straight in the washing machine, I thought I’d try without stain remover to start with and crossed my fingers popping them on a 40 degree cotton wash.  When the washing machine beeped just over an hour later I tentatively removed the pyjama top where the spill had been and looked for signs of the spillage.  I was really pleased to see that the hot chocolate had disappeared, I’m not sure if it was luck or the fact I had washed the pyjamas straight away.  The other thing that worried me was that there is always the danger of red running into white when washing however I needn’t have worried because this didn’t happen.  I popped them in the tumble drier and left them to dry. 

IMG_5993I have to say that so far both Rowan and I have been impressed with the quality of the lovely red reindeer pyjamas.  I hope Rowan continues to find them cozy and keeps them on throughout the night too. 

The Red Reindeer Pj’s cost £29.99 which okay is a bit pricey for pyjamas however they are a lovely quality and sometimes that’s the deal clincher as far as I’m concerned.  If you would like to order your own Red Reindeer Pjs or take a look at the rest of Pixie Dixie’s lovely range of Pyjama’s you can head over to their website here

Disclaimer:  We were sent a pair of Pixie Dixie Red Reindeer PJs for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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