The hunt for the perfect school shoes

The arrival of the New Year also meant the return to school for children up and down the country.  For most it meant new school shoes and this is certainly something that is true for us.  I have to admit it’s not one of my favourite tasks either as with four children to buy for it can often be stressful and there is always one that doesn’t like any of the shoes in the store.  Now the older two are getting older finding the right shoe for them has become more of a chore.  It seems their shoes have to look just right or they simply won’t be seen wearing them! 

But finding somewhere that caters for all four children’s tastes isn’t easy, that was until we discovered Brantano.  Brantano have a large range of School Shoes under one roof.  Which means that you are bound to find the perfect pair for everyone.  We are lucky to have the choice of three stores within an hours drive of us which means the only issue we now have is deciding which store to visit!  There is no more traipsing from one shoe shop to another which means no moaning from the children because they are fed up of shoe shopping and in turn a more pleasant shopping experience for me. 

But does stocking lots of different brands mean that the fit is different for each shoe?  Well there is no need to worry because Brantano offer a free kids shoe fitting service.  Brantano staff are trained in fitting Clarks, Start-Rite and Hush Puppies fitting techniques to help you find that perfect pair of school shoes.  It also means that with my eldest two they can be measured and go off in search of shoes they like themselves while I concentrate on the younger two.    So now thanks to Brantano there are no more stressful shopping trips for school shoes. 


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post however the content is 100% my own

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