Celebrate World Book Day with the help of the Disney Store

As many of you will know tomorrow is World Book Day and children up and down the country will be dressing up as their favourite book character for the day.  This year it will just be my youngest three dressing up and the boys are struggling to decided who to go as.  However Erin quickly decided who she wanted to go as, one of her favourite characters Cinderella. 

Erin has been a Disney fan from an early age and has always loved the princesses.  But ever since she saw the new Cinderella film before Christmas, Cinderella has become a firm favourite.  She will watch both the animated Cinderella film and the latest film at least once and week and more often if she has the chance.  So when we were asked at the end of last week if we would like a Disney costume for World Book Day I just knew that I had to say yes!  So I asked if Erin could have a Cinderella costume, as I knew it would be perfect. 

Then yesterday afternoon a package arrived with the costume,  Erin squealed with delight when I opened the package and showed her what was inside.  Within 5 minutes Erin was wearing the costume and dancing around the house. 

cinderella dress1

my little cinderellaAs you can see from the photographs Erin is thrilled with her costume, She kept looking at herself and saying the costume was “so beautiful” She danced and span around giggling and even danced with one of the other little ones I look after, it was very sweet.   I’m now trying to hunt out our Cinderella book so that she can take it with her tomorrow when she dresses up for school. 

cinderella spin

We did have a struggle this morning when she wanted to put the costume on for school and I had to explain several times that it  wasn’t until tomorrow!  Needless to say as soon as she got home at lunch time she was back in the costume! 

I decided to ask Erin why she likes Cinderella, she replied that Cinderella is beautiful and pretty, is very kind and helps animals.  I think that’s a pretty good reason. 

The detail on the costume is lovely, from the little delicate butterflies around the neckline to the layers of fabric under the skirt and the quality of the costume is outstanding.  We were sent the costume in an age 4 and it has room in it for growth without it looing too big.  The Cinderella Costume retails for £35.95 however until 9th March 2016 The Disney Store have 25% off selected Costumes and accessories which make the Cinderella costume £17.95, which is fantastic value. 

cinderella details

You can find the range of costumes included in the promotion here or visit your nearest store.  You’ve still time to buy a costume for tomorrow’s World Book Day too, so what are you waiting for …..

Disclaimer:  We were very kindly sent the Cinderella Costume for the purpose of this post and for World Book Day.  However the content of this post is 100% my own.

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