Review – Trolley Bags, helping make the weekly food shop less stressful

I like to be prepared when it comes to most things, I like to think ahead and plan for most eventualities.  Some may think I’m being silly but when you have four children to juggle along with work and other day to day chores being prepared helps.  But sometimes even I get caught off guard!  Like many I have carrier bags and reusable shopping bags at the ready but they can be a bit of a hassle to store.  They can also be a really pain to juggle shopping into after going through the checkout as you end up playing shopping bag tetris in the trolley to get everything to fit. 

But now thanks to Trolley Bags that is a thing of the past, no more shopping bag tetris and messing around trying to open bags ready to fill at the checkout.  I was kindly sent a set of Trolley Bags recently to try out and I have to say they made my food shop so much easier already. 

trolleybags packaging

Shopping with children can be stressful at the best of times so finding something that can make it easier is gratefully accepted.  But how can Trolley Bags do that I hear you ask, well for a start they are a set of four different sized bags which are attached together by velcro which also fold up together and have a handy handle for carrying and hanging on your shopping trolley. The bags also have integrated rails on them.  So you don’t have to juggle multiple bags as well as the trolley or contend with a bag falling off the trolley as you negotiate the aisles.  Previously I’ve given the task of holding the shopping bags to one of the boys which inevitably ends in a sibling meltdown or showdown as we walk around.  This is turn means I have to stop what I’m doing to resolve the issue and drags the shopping trip out.  My aim is always to get what we need and make our way around the store, through checkout and back to the car as swiftly as possible.  But the last three weeks I have simply selected my trolley and hung the Trolley Bags on the trolley and made our way down the first aisle without any moaning, hurray!   In fact this continued all the way around the store, fantastic. 

Then at the checkout the children helped unload the trolley, with the trolley emptied I unhooked the bags from the back of the trolley and place the bags in the trolley with the integrated rails resting on the sides of the trolley.  Then I spread them out along the length of the trolley so the bags where open ready to put items into them.  The children watched on with interest, then when it was our turn we walked through and positioned the trolley at the end of the checkout ready to load up.   No scrabbling to open bags out and having to lift them in and out in order to get everything to fit, it was so easy and simple.  As each item was scanned I simply placed it into one of the waiting Trolley Bags, I still sorted items into tins/bottles, meat etc so they where in different bags but it was so much quicker than usual. 

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Shopping paid for we made our way back to the car, the children climbed into their seats while I unloaded the trolley into the boot of the car.  Again this was such an easy process, I simply pulled the bags apart from each other and lifted them into the boot of the car.  Then took the trolley back to the trolley park.  Usually I get arguments at the checkout while I’m struggling to pack the bags and pay but that didn’t happen this time as the process was so quick, I even think the children were a little taken aback by how quickly we managed it.  Back home I unloaded the shopping from the car just as easily and went about unpacking the bags. 

Once finished I simply reattached the bags together in order ( the bags are even numbered to make it easier) then folded the outer one around the others and refastened the velcro ready to store away until the next shopping trip.  I was very impressed at how easy the Trolley Bags where to use.   I’ve continued to use the Trolley Bags for each food shop since they have arrived (I’ve used them three times so far) and each time they have helped the process like the first time.  Okay the children may have still argued over toys/sweets etc on the way around and to be honest there isn’t much that can be done about that, it’s a stage all children go through but making the process of checking out so much easier and in turn quicker which is a godsend as far as I’m concerned.

Trolley Bags cost £19.99 for an original set like I was sent which fit in a standard size trolley or £17.99 for an express set of Trolley Bags which fit in the shallow trolleys.  I personally think they are well worth the money as they are well made and really do make shopping easier, plus they are so easy to store without taking up much room.  So thank you Trolley Bags for making my shopping experience much easier.  If you would like more information on Trolley Bags or to buy your own set then please visit

Disclaimer:  We were sent a set of Original Trolley Bags for the purpose of this post however the content of this post is 100% my own. 

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  1. So lovely to hear that the Trolley Bags have made your shopping experience easier. I love using mine for scan as you shop. I still struggle at the Aldi checkout as they go too quickly for me to pack

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