A New Year, A New You – Inspiring movies for the year ahead.

With the arrival of the New Year many people will have made resolutions to make a change.  Be that to stop smoking, or drinking, to start exercising more or simply make more time to do something you enjoy.  This year I haven’t made any resolutions as such but know that I want to improve my fitness and tone up a bit but I also would like to experience some new things.  So when I was challenged to watch some inspiring films I wouldn’t normally reach for, I accepted.  I have to say I’m quite looking forward to the challenge as sometimes it’s good to try something new and challenge yourself. 

So over the next few weeks I will be curling up on the sofa for some movie time.  A couple of the films are suitable for the children so I may even ask if they would like to join me too.   In fact the first movie I will be watching is Free Willy and it’s actually one the older two boys have seen but I haven’t.  Free Willy is about a 12 year old boy called Jesse.  Jesse befriends Willy who is a Killer Whale who lives in captivity in an Adventure Park.  As Jesse’s affections for Willy grows he decides to help set Willy free.  I know this is a film the older two enjoy so I think it will be nice to sit down and watch it with them and the younger two as a family.

The second film I will be watching is Invictus, this is a film I’ve not heard of before but actually having now read the synopsis I am really looking forward to seeing.  Invictus tells the story of how Nelson Mandela having spent 27 years in jail for fighting against apartheid, he hopes that his country can find unity through Rugby and the Rugby World Cup of 1995 which was held in South Africa.  History is something I am really interested in and having studied apartheid when I was in school I am looking forward to seeing how this film which is based on John Carlin’s book Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game that Changed a Nation.  This film has a 12 rating so I may also see if the older two would like to watch this with me, I think it’s important to learn about important events in history such as the struggle against apartheid.

My third film is The Perfect Storm, this film follows Captain Billy Tyne and his crewe as they set off on the Andrea Gail as they set off for more last catch which they hope will make up for a poor fishing season.  Captain Billy takes the Andrea Gail into the waters of the Flemish Cap off Nova Scotia is search of a huge swordfish haul.  However as the crew are gathering the swordfish, they collide with a ‘perfect storm’ which occurs when three storm fronts, one of which is a hurricane hit at the same time with colossal force.  Captain Billy’s path home to Gloucester in Massachusetts takes his crew and the Andrea Gail straight through the middle of the ‘perfect Storm’.  The film sees the struggle of the crew on the Andrea Gail to stay afloat and the Coastguard who try to reach them.  This film is promised to be full of drama, action and emotion.  This film directed by Wolfgang Petersen is an adaption of Sebastian Junger’s best seller of a true-story account of a monster storm that hit New England in 1991.   I would usually over look this film so I am intrigued to watch it and see if in fact it’s one I will enjoy.

The fourth film is 42, again this is a film I would usually completely over look as it is sports related and not a genre I am usually interested in.  42 is a biographical drama about Jackie Robinson who was a African-American baseball player.  42 tells his story and how he in 1947 made history by breaking the professional baseball race barrier to become the first African American Major League Baseball player of the modern era.  The film follows Jackie and his signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, it shows the opposition he received even from his fellow players but how he overcomes this,  excels and receives the recognition he deserves. 

My final film is Dolphin Tale, this is one I’ve wanted to see for a while now and again the children have seen without me.  Although I have actually seen Dolphin Tale 2 so it would be nice to watch the first film and learn more about Winter.  Winter is a dolphin who lost her tail having being injured off the Florida Coast in a crab trap.  She is rescued and taken to Clearwater Marine Hospital where she is named Winter.  Dolphin Tale is inspired by a true story and follows Sawyer who is a young boy who is struggling with school, he doesn’t have many friends apart from his cousin Kyle.  Kyle is a star swimmer who joins the army to earn money for college,  however he is called up for active duty.  Just when it looks like Sawyer is set to spend his summer alone, he discovers Winter and becomes fascinated with dolphins.  It sees Sawyer intellectually engaging in a way he never has before and despite his shyness he forms a friendship with Marine rescue doctor Clay and his daughter Hazel, as well as forming a special bond with Winter.  Together they struggle to save Winter’s life and ensure her safety.  It really sounds like a lovely inspiring film and one am looking forward to watching with the family. 

I am really looking forward to watching this inspiring selection of films over the next few weeks and trying something new.  If you like the idea of trying these movies for yourself you can find them here

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  1. Ojo Henley says:

    Lovely selection of films! The Perfect Storm is one of my favourite films, another that I watched (just yesterday) with a similar theme is ‘Everest’. Hope you enjoy your movies x

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